Hali Flickinger Posts Impressive 200 Fly to Win Winter Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The Georgia pro group won their second straight event on Saturday night at the 2018 Winter Nationals in Greensboro with Hali Flickinger following Nic Fink with a win in the 200 fly. Flickinger won the 200 fly with an impressive swim of 2:07.22, which was faster than her 2:07.35 she swam to win the gold medal at Pan Pacs this summer. Flickinger was a 2:05.87 earlier this year with her swim at the Summer Nationals.

Flickinger won the final handily over Olivia Bray, who was second at 2:11.38, despite leading at the 100. Bray held off a strong late charge from 14-year-old Charlotte Hook (2:11.93) of the TAC Titans. She was a 2:11.0 this summer and did not move up the 13-14 NAG rankings.

Megan Kinglsey, another member of the Georgia pro group, finished fourth at 2:12.61.

Alicia Finnigan (2:13.37), Bryanna Cameron (2:13.92), Meg Bailey (2:13.93) and Mabel Zavaros (2:16.50) also swam in the A-Final.

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