Gregg Troy Goes In Depth About His Storied Coaching Career and Caeleb Dressel

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World

Swimming World TV’s Brent Rutemiller sat down with former head coach of the University of Florida Gregg Troy to talk in depth about his storied coaching career.

Troy recently retired from college coaching after the 2017-18 school year but is still coaching a small elite group at Gator Swim Club in Gainesville.

Troy is currently the coach of Caeleb Dressel and Troy talked about the similarities and differences (4:39) between Dressel and other superstars that Troy has coached. Troy coaches Dressel along with Jan SwitkowskiMark Szaranek and Ryan Lochte at Gator Swim Club. Troy compares his coach to swimmer relationship with Dressel to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (5:25) in how they handle themselves.

Troy used that Brady – Belichick comparison as a way to explain how a lot of the older swimmers in the sport such as Nathan Adrian are knowledgable about swimming and know exactly what they need every day to make themselves better.

Troy pinpointed what makes Dressel so great (6:35) including his ability to make a change during a meet. “You can see him get better.”

Troy also gave a grade of the 2018 summer and how he felt the swims went with Dressel’s transition into the professional ranks (7:53) and if any negative performances can take a toll on him (8:28).

He said the negative points in a season can define a career since every swimmer encounters them. It is just a matter of how each swimmer can react to those downs.

Troy said short course isn’t exactly off the table yet (9:08) since Dressel’s NCAA career is complete.

Gregg Troy is staying in Gainesville and talked about how not training with the college team will be different for him and Dressel (10:37). He also talked about how his life is different now in September without being at the beginning of a college season (11:36).

To read about Gregg Troy and Caeleb Dressel, check out Swimming World’s July 2018 issue.

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    Tha analogy of Dressel-Troy to Brady-Belichick is EXTREMELY arrogant and not a particularly good one of which to boast given Brady’s Deflategate controversy and other cheating allegations against Belichick.