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All swimmers and coaches, including international, can purchase a monthly Swimming World Magazine digital subscription for only $4.95 per month!

Think about it…  You probably pay more for a Venti Caffe Latte each month than you would for a monthly Swimming World Digital Subscription. No better time than now to get a Swimming World Magazine paperless subscription!

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A 30 Day Total Access Subscription gives you unlimited digital access to the current issue of Swimming World Magazine, Swimming World Biweekly and Swimming Technique Magazine* in the Swimming World Vault.

*You will only have access to Swimming Technique Magazine if you are an active subscriber in the month that Swimming Technique is published (Feb, May, Aug, Nov). In order to view more past issues of Swimming World Magazine, Swimming World Biweekly and Swimming Technique Magazine, you need to upgrade your Subscription to a 1, 2 or 3 Year Subscription.

The magazine, both print and digital, presents complete national and international coverage of competitive aquatic sports; including open water, diving, synchro and water polo. This includes stunning photos, columns and personality features of age group, high school, college and elite athletes. Total Access allows subscribers to download and view magazines on any device. All products are on automatic renewal and can be cancelled at anytime.

This magazine comes out every two weeks and aggregates all the top internet stories that you might have missed in the fleeting world of internet content.  Each issue recaps top stories and unique content not previously published.

This magazine comes out every three months and includes great information on training and technique.  The content is geared for coaches and swimmers who want to learn more about the science and technical aspects of competitive swimming.  Look for additional features on dryland, health and mental training with each issue.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at Subscriptions@SwimmingWorld.com