Gal Nevo Introduces SenSwim: Swim Data Collecting Tool of the Future

SenSwim which records data during practice

Swimming World’s Brandi West sat down with Gal Nevo of SenSwim at the ASCA World Clinic in Dallas to talk about the new SenSwim product.

Nevo was an Olympic swimmer for Israel in the 2008, 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, and also swam at Arizona State University and Georgia Tech, finishing runner-up at NCAAs in the 400 IM in 2009 and 2010. Nevo said that something that always bothered him was that he swam much without any recording data to analyze his results in meets as well as training. That is how he help develop SenSwim, which records data during practice.

Nevo hopes that with the SenSwim product’s help, the immediate feedback will help provide big changes for coaches and swimmers moving forward. He hopes the product can “bring this revolution without variables to be used in every club of the world.”

The system works by using an overhead camera which can cover three lanes at a time depending on how high it is placed above the water, and each repetition in a workout is treated like a “mini race” as Nevo put it. The swimmer will be able to get instant feedback on their stroke every lap as opposed to waiting for a coach to give it to them.

The SenSwim product is an easy set-up and is also available to be used as a timekeeper during workouts without having to set up touch pads and timing systems. SenSwim can also be used during competitions although it is not an official timekeeper.