French Win Four Titles At European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Malta

Photo Courtesy: Andy Ross

The French claimed four out of six titles in the individual races at the European Junior Open Water Swimming Championships in Malta. Sadly, the relay events were cancelled on the last day.

Just like a year ago, the French stole the show at the junior open water Europeans – they clinched four golds again, this time out of six. The Gauls landed all three men’s titles, sometimes better orientation helped their youngsters sometimes their favourite was truly a cut above the rest.

Logan Fontaine repeated his win from last year: the French is one of the greatest talents recently seen, he came first in the 5km in 2015, won the 7.5km in 2016 and added his first 10km title last summer. Also, Fontaine was already part of France’s senior world champion relay team a year ago – here in Malta he hit the touchpad 21sec ahead of his chasers to bid a worthy farewell to his junior years.

The remaining two titles went to Hungary and Russia. Mira Szimcsak had a smart race and used every chance arisen to clinch the 5km title, a fine achievement from a 14 year-old.

The girl’s 7.5km was the most thrilling battle of the weekend and perhaps in the entire season so far. Only 0.07sec separated the medallists, 0.01sec was officially recorded between Veronika Nikulina and Carla Goyanes – after hours of video-reviewing, the officials declared the Russian’s win ahead of her Spanish rival and upheld this decision after a protest had been filed. Russia had more medals than any other teams, altogether they collected 6 during the two days.

Though all teams were getting ready to the great spectacle on Sunday, the 5km relays, they left the venue disappointed as the local organisers announced that they cancelled the competition, due to the high waves in the bay.

Medallists, European Junior OWS Championships

Men’s 5km (14-15yrs)

  1. Leo Ouabdesselam FRA 58:02.83
  2. Ivan Morgun RUS 58:12.12
  3. Aleksandr Stepanov RUS 58:14.16

Women’s 5km (14-15yrs)

  1. Mira Szimcsak HUN 1:01:33.75
  2. Evelin Edel GER 1:01:44.58
  3. Marlene Blanke GER 1:01:47.36

Men’s 7.5km (16-17yrs)

  1. Jean-Baptiste Clusman FRA 1:26:27.86
  2. Daniil Orlov RUS 1:26:33.10
  3. Danil Nemolochnov RUS 1:26:51.17

Women’s 7.5km (16-17yrs)

  1. Veronika Nikulina RUS 1:33:38.48
  2. Carla Goyanes ESP 1:33:38.49
  3. Giulia Salin ITA 1:33:38.56

Men’s 10km (18-19yrs)

  1. Logan Fontaine FRA 1:52:09.36
  2. Kirill Dolgov RUS 1:52:30.23
  3. Emanuele Russo ITA 1:52:31.44

Women’s 10km (18-19yrs)

  1. Lisa Pou FRA 1:57:42.37
  2. Reka Rohács HUN 1:57:47.58
  3. Silvia Ciccarella ITA 1:58:20.97

Relays have been cancelled.

Medal table

France 4 0 0
Russia 1 3 2
Hungary 1 1 0
Germany 0 1 1
Spain 0 1 0
Italy 0 0 3

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