Florida’s Caeleb Dressel Becomes First Man Under :40 in 100 Free

caeleb dressel
Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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Florida’s Caeleb Dressel continues to smash barriers by breaking yet another NCAA and American record, this time in the 100 free where he produced a 39.90. This makes Dressel the first and only swimmer to break 40-seconds in a 100 free, making for the third major barrier the Gator senior has broken at this meet alone.

Dressel was the only swimmer in the heat out in under 19-seconds for the first 50, where he split 18.96.

Touching second in the A final was NC State’s Ryan Held in a 41.08 which ties him with Nathan Adrian for fifth all-time. Fellow Wolfpack member Justin Ress threw down a 41.49 for third place overall.

Touching in eighth was USC’s Santo Condorelli in a 42.34.

Auburn’s Zach Apple touched first in the B final with a 41.36.

         NCAA: N 40.00  03/25/2017Caeleb Dressel, Florida-FL
     American: A 40.00  03/25/2017Caeleb Dressel, Florida-FL
   U. S. Open: O 40.00  03/25/2017Caeleb Dressel, Florida-FL
 Championship: C 40.00  03/25/2017Caeleb Dressel, Florida-FL
         Pool: P 40.68  03/24/2018Caeleb Dressel, Florida-FL
    Name           Year School            Prelims     Finals NISCA Points
                            === A - Final ===                            
  1 Caeleb Dressel   SR Florida             40.68      39.90N  200   20  
    r:+0.62  18.96        39.90 (20.94)
  2 Ryan Held        SR NC State            41.26      41.08   190   17  
    r:+0.62  19.54        41.08 (21.54)
  3 Justin Ress      JR NC State            41.34      41.49   185   16  
    r:+0.65  19.74        41.49 (21.75)
  4 Blake Pieroni    SR Indiana             41.16      41.51   185   15  
    r:+0.63  19.54        41.51 (21.97)
  5 Jacob Molacek    JR NC State            41.74      41.55   184   14  
    r:+0.65  19.94        41.55 (21.61)
  6 Townley Haas     JR Texas               41.80      41.67   183   13  
    r:+0.71  19.98        41.67 (21.69)
  7 Tate Jackson     JR Texas               41.82      41.81   181   12  
    r:+0.70  20.17        41.81 (21.64)
  8 Santo Condorell  SR USC                 41.69      42.34   176   11  
    r:+0.66  19.59        42.34 (22.75)


  1. Dan Hemenway

    Daniel Hemenway Claire Holloway
    Ryan finished 2nd. Great meet for him

  2. Jim Pogue

    Knew he’d break it!

    • Ryan Pederson

      Is that fast? Think I could do it? I’m pretty good at things.

  3. Bill Merkert

    Wow…. the new Rodger Banister

  4. Pamela Wu

    He must have a invisible motor on him! Amazing swim!!

  5. Susan Fitch

    How exciting. I witnessed Joe Bottom break 20 seconds in the 50 free. Caleb’s first 50 was faster than that. Amazing.

    • Devin P. Scott

      Instructions unclear, currently swimming with a stick in my hands

  6. D.j. Hogan

    Is it crazy to say that it looked like he could have gone faster. I saw some additional time that could have happened on his approach into the turns?
    Simply Awesome!!!!!!

  7. Rich Davis

    WTF. Stupidly incredible.

  8. Jennifer Angelou

    Incredible breaking hall boundaries on speed. Wow my son has a lot of work ahead to get to this place.

    • Andrew Affleck

      This guy has taken it to a new level. When I was there a 19 low 50 and a 42-43 for 100 were outstanding

  9. Francis Schmitz

    LeeAnne Thorson Schwan, Christina Flisram, Maggie Fournier, Chip Schilling, Bryan Erdmann, Ben Thorud, Gretchen Benjamin, Shelly Sabourin

  10. Tara Ann

    Colten Schroeder

  11. Susan L. Lansbury

    This guy’s records will be there a long time I think! He’s special for sure!

  12. avatar
    Michael Maloney

    SEE the trick is to break all those records…and WIN the NCAA’s…lol..like the Stanford Women…what did Fla come in 4th 5th…just saying..and YES the NCAAS is a TEAM sport…

  13. Don George

    Nothing to say but : “wow”

  14. Steven Jackman

    Times will keep improving.
    Way to go Caleb at setting a new goal for the next generation of swimmers to reach for.

  15. Jannette Colon

    He is truly amazing!!!! He makes it look so easy.

  16. Ari Marie

    Alisha Aguayo Semprebon this guy is doing amazing things! First the 50 now the 100

  17. Helena Pastierova

    unreaaaaal every day new record 👏🏼👏🏼🔥