Flash! Ilya Shymanovich Lowers Peaty’s SCM 100 Breaststroke World Record

Ilya Shymanovich
Photo Courtesy: MIKE LEWIS / ISL

Ilya Shymanovich, fresh off a best time in the 50 breaststroke at the Belarusian short course championships in Brest, broke the first world record of his career on Saturday with a 55.34 in the 100 breaststroke in short course meters to lower Adam Peaty’s record he set last month in the International Swimming League.

It is the third time that world record has been set this year after Peaty initially broke Cameron van der Burgh’s 2009 record in the ISL semi-finals, and lowered it again over Shymanovich in the final. Shymanovich was a 55.49 during the ISL season for the second fastest time overall.

It is a huge step for the sport considering there were serious talks about the possibility of no world records falling in 2020 due to the complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic where many of the best athletes were forced out of their training routines and halted their preparations for what were the 2020 Olympic Games.

Shymanovich was out in 25.88, compared to Peaty’s record pace of 25.85, and the Belarusian was home in a 29.46 to stretch his hands to a new world record.


All-Time Rankings:

  1. 55.34, Ilya Shymanovich, BLR, 2020
  2. 55.41, Adam Peaty, GBR, 2020
  3. 55.61, Cameron van der Burgh, RSA, 2009
  4. 55.74, Emre Sakci, TUR, 2020
  5. 56.02, Kirill Prigoda, RUS, 2017
  6. 56.06, Arno Kamminga, NED, 2019
  7. 56.11, Yasuhiro Koseki, JPN, 2020
  8. 56.15, Fabio Scozzoli, ITA, 2017

World Record Progression:

  • 55.34, Ilya Shymanovich, BLR, 2020
  • 55.41, Adam Peaty, GBR, 2020
  • 55.49, Adam Peaty, GBR, 2020
  • 55.61, Cameron van der Burgh, RSA, 2009
  • 55.99, Cameron van der Burgh, RSA, 2009
  • 56.88, Cameron van der Burgh, RSA, 2009
  • 57.47, Ed Moses, USA, 2002
  • 57.66, Ed Moses, USA, 2000
  • 58.05, Ed Moses, USA, 2000
  • 58.51, Roman Sludnov, RUS, 2000
  • 58.79, Frédérik Deburghgraeve, BEL, 1998
  • 59.02, Frédérik Deburghgraeve, BEL, 1996
  • 59.07, Phil Rogers, AUS, 1993
  • 59.30, Dmitry Volkov, RUS, 1990

Elsewhere in action, Anastasiya Shkurdai, who also swam with Shymanovich for Energy Standard in the ISL, won the 100 back with a 56.87, which had she swam that in the ISL would have placed her 11th overall and second on Energy Standard.

Victor Staselovich won the men’s 100 back at 50.50 while Gregory Pekarsky took the 50 fly at 22.59 ahead of Eugene Zurkin (22.64), who also won the 50 free at 21.49 ahead of Pekarsky (21.50). Alina Zmushko won the 100 breast at 1:05.40 while Anastasia Koryakovskaya won the 50 free at 24.66.

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