Five More Junior National Champions Crowned by USA Diving

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee, August 6. GC Diving’s Jackson Miller (Southlake, Texas) and Stanford Diving’s Remi Edvalson (Saratoga, Calif.) each won their second gold medals of the week, while Grace Cable (Winter Park, Fla.) of YCF Diving, Noah Duperre (New Albany, Ohio) of the Ohio State Dive Club and Tarrin Gilliland (Liberty Hill, Texas) of Longhorn Aquatics won their first as the USA Diving Junior National Championships continued Wednesday at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center.

Edvalson and Miller swept the springboard events as 11-and-under competition came to a close Wednesday. Both also won a silver medal on platform this week.

On Wednesday, Miller scored 276.70 points to win the boys’ 3-meter gold to go along with the 1-meter gold he won Monday, while Edvalson scored 226.65 points to take gold on girls’ 1-meter after having won 3-meteron Monday.

Pine Crest’s Kevin Mendez (Lighthouse Point, Fla.) scored 240.45 points on 3-meter to win his second silver medal of the week (he won gold on platform), while Maxwell Weinrich (Brookeville, Md.) won bronze for the second day in a row with 237.60 points on 3-meter.

Isabella Coburn (Round Rock, Texas) of Longhorn Aquatics scored 212.00 points to take the 1-meter silver after winning 3-meter bronze on Monday, while Stanford Diving’s Francesca Noviello (Menlo Park, Calif.) was right behind at 211.65 for the bronze.

YCF Diving won gold and silver in the 14-15 girls’ platform contest as Cable and teammate Maggie Merriman (Orlando, Fla.) finished atop the field with 362.55 and 357.70 points. Nikki Watters (New Albany, Ohio) of Ohio State Diving scored 348.90 points for third.
Gilliland swept the 11-and-under girls’ events at the 2013 USA Diving Junior National Championships, and she started off her first junior nationals as a 12-13 diver with 322.60 points for gold on 3-meter. Her Longhorn Aquatics teammate Maria Coburn (Round Rock, Texas) won silver with 298.00 points, with TNT Diving’s Kianna Yancey (Lansdale, Pa.) finishing with 297.05 points for third.

Duperre won his gold medal in the boys’ 12-13 1-meter contest with 346.35 points. Maxwell Flory (Fairfax, Va.) of the Dominion Dive Club took the silver with 329.65 points, while Cleveland Area Diving’s Jordan Rzepka(Solon, Ohio) took third with 313.25 points.

The USA Diving Junior National Championships run through August 9. In all, 28 junior national titles will be awarded throughout the championships. In addition, the 2014 FINA World Junior Championships team will be selected off results from the meet.

USA Diving Junior National Championships Results – August 6, 2014

11-and-under girls’ 1-meter

1. Remi Edvalson, Stanford Diving, 226.65;2. Isabella Coburn, Longhorn Aquatics, 212.00;3. Francesca Noviello, Stanford Diving, 211.65;4. Isabel Correa, The Indiana International School of Diving, 207.85;5. Megan Carter, Nebraska Diving Club, 200.80;6. Hailey Hernandez, GC Diving, 198.65;7. Devon Ott, Marlins Diving Club, 198.30;8. Louisa Thompson, High Dive Champions, 191.40;9. Amy Wotovich, West Florida Lightning Aquatics, 191.10;10. Annie Costello, Legacy Diving, 179.45;11. Alexandra Warshaw, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 179.15;12. Amari Brown Swint, Centennial Diving, 158.90;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Jordan Avery, Moss Farms Diving, 179.00;14. Olivia Lynch, Ohio State Diving Club, 178.95;15. Sophia Verzyl, South Carolina Divers, 176.50;16. Elena Yeh, Arrow Dive Club, 174.00;17. Vivian Niekamp, Gryphyn Diving Club, 173.60;18. Abigale White, Moss Farms Diving, 169.45;19. Haley Marshall, Montgomery Dive Club, 168.60;20. Molly Hampton, Fishers Diving Team, 167.85;21. Ruth Mccranie, Moss Farms Diving, 166.3  0;22. Regina Meirmanova, Chicago Diving Club, 165.25;23. Rendi Jones, BYU Cougar Diving, 163.60;24. Mikayla Zick, The Indiana International School of Diving, 162.50;25. Samantha Mersnick, Unattached, 160.50;26. Ciara McCliment, Legacy Diving, 157.85;27. Madelyn Seltzer, Marlins Diving Club, 155.85;28. Christina Shi, Pitt Aquatic Club, 153.55;29. Zara Joy Ayazi, Mission Viejo, 150.80;30. Julia Pioso, Unattached, 148.50;31. Halia Kailukaitis, Montgomery Dive Club, 147.90;32. Isabel Gregersen, Mile High Dive Club, 127.15;33. Emily Sutter, Omaha Dive Club, 99.85;

11-and-under boys’ 3-meter

1. Jackson Miller, GC Diving, 276.70;2. Kevin Mendez, Pine Crest Diving, 240.45;3. Maxwell Weinrich, Montgomery Dive Club, 237.60;4. Denny Gulia Janovski, Pine Crest Diving, 235.35;5. Kelan Huffman, Ohio State Diving Club, 223.15;6. Tyler Downs, Clayton Diving Alliance, 218.30;7. Zayne Danielewicz, Windy City Diving, 214.85;8. Jacob Fisher, Alexandria Dive Club, 212.45;9. Ethan Badrian, Montgomery Dive Club, 207.35;10. Ayden Scheck, Woodlands Diving Academy, 201.40;11. Logan Choma, Parkland Diving, 198.20;12. Brady Ruth, GC Diving, 195.55;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Max Fowler, Alexandria Dive Club, 201.05;14. Nicholas Harris, West Chester Diving, 196.85;15. Maxwell Miller, Woodlands Diving Academy, 196.80;16. Quinn Henninger, Mile High Dive Club, 195.55;17. Cole Tremewan, Legacy Diving, 195.50;18. Marcel Mateos-salles, San Antonio Divers, 195.45;19. Seif El-askary, Mission Viejo, 194.95;20. Joshua Thai, SoCal Divers, 191.70;21. Nicholas Newis, Ultimate Air Diving, 191.35;22. Manuel Borowski, Domini  on Dive Club, 190.80;23. Carson Tyler, Moss Farms Diving, 188.45;24. Rhett Hopkins, Montgomery Dive Club, 187.50;25. Chase Marafioto, San Antonio Divers, 186.00;26. Adam Wesson, Santa Clara Diving Club, 184.85;27. Christian Inman, Woodlands Diving Academy, 174.25;28. Soodong Kim, Legacy Diving, 172.35;29. Dash Glasberg, Trojan Dive Club, 166.75;30. Jack Ryan, Mile High Dive Club, 165.45;31. Jack O’Connor, Mission Viejo, 160.80;32. Harrison Nolan, Windy City Diving, 158.80;33. Finnian Gelbach, Alexandria Dive Club, 151.60;

12-13 girls’ 3-meter 

1. Tarrin Gilliland, Longhorn Aquatics, 322.60;2. Maria Coburn, Longhorn Aquatics, 298.00;3. Kianna Yancey, TNT Diving, 297.05;4. Bridget O’neil, GC Diving, 287.75;5. Jessie Creed, Chicago Diving Club, 287.20;6. Lucy Hogan, Chicago Diving Club, 272.75;7. Jennifer Bell, High Dive Champions, 268.45;8. Kayla Yancey, TNT Diving, 259.05;9. Maysi Richards, GC Diving, 258.60;10. Kayla Haigh, Mission Viejo, 257.00;11. Maia Goldstein, Seahawks Diving Team, 255.95;12. Markie Hopkins, SoCal Divers, 242.30;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Allison Ward, GC Diving, 246.95;14. Charlotte Bowen, Crown Valley Divers, 246.20;15. Ashley Gonzalez, West Florida Lightning Aquatics, 245.00;16. Sophia Mcafee, Trojan Dive Club, 244.90;17. Katherine Greenberg, High Dive Champions, 241.15;18. Julia Fidanza, Unattached, 239.45;19. Alexandra Rosewicz, YCF Diving Team, 239.40;20. Zain Smith, Legacy Diving, 238.80;21. Kinzie Etzelmiller, GC Diving, 236.55;22. Elizabeth Miclau, Stanford Diving, 233.65;23. Paige Sundermann, Legacy Diving  , 231.00;24. Lauren Cheetham, Ohio State Diving Club, 228.10;25. Sarah Ballard, The Indiana International School of Diving, 227.90;26. Sidney O’Donnell, American Flyers Diving, 226.20;27. Katelynn Shaheen, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 221.50;28. Madalyn Freece, Centennial Diving, 219.35;29. Victoria Altman, SoCal Divers, 219.20;30. Meghan Wenzel, Centennial Diving, 217.45;31. Lauren Willian, Chicago Diving Club, 217.30;32. Anna Yaggy, The Indiana International School of Diving, 217.15;33. Gretchen Wensuc, Mile High Dive Club, 211.70;34. Madison Huitt, Pitt Aquatic Club, 208.35;35. Halli Siwik, Southeastern Dive Club, 199.95;36. Caitlyn Curtis, Chicago Diving Club, 183.20;

14-15 girls’ platform final

1. Grace Cable, YCF Diving Team, 362.55;2. Maggie Merriman, YCF Diving Team, 357.70;3. Nikki Watters, Ohio State Diving Club, 348.90;4. Johanna Holloway, Unattached, 340.40;5. Emily Grund, GC Diving, 321.55;6. Carolina Sculti, Marlins Diving Club, 314.50;7. Alison Gibson, Team A and M Diving, 307.75;8. Genevieve Angerame, Woodlands Diving Academy, 307.45;9. Daria Lenz, SoCal Divers, 306.70;10. Marisa Agarwal, Stanford Diving, 303.70;11. Shaunmei Lim, Stanford Diving, 284.20;12. Brighida Rosendahl, Trojan Dive Club, 242.55;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Alyssa Wang, Duke Diving, 283.50;14. Samantha Nickerson, Schroeder Diving Team, 282.05;15. Dayana Popa, The Indiana International School of Diving, 270.20;16. Annie Wiese, Unattached, 268.10;17. Ginger Lingard, Schroeder Diving Team, 261.40;18. Liv Mitchell, SoCal Divers, 258.55;19. Jocelyn Porter, Carolina Diving Academy, 257.15;20. Jennifer Giacalone, Carolina Diving Academy, 251.90;21. Krystal Irwin, SoCal Divers, 251.85;22. Mia Paulsen, Stanford Divi  ng, 248.85;23. Jessica Warak, Nebraska Diving Club, 247.55;24. Nikki Canale, Carolina Diving Academy, 244.85;25. Mallory Charles, Pitt Aquatic Club, 242.45;26. Jenna Pinheiro, YCF Diving Team, 235.40;27. Elizabeth Uhl, Marlins Diving Club, 228.30;28. Ivy Houser, Indiana Diving, 224.40;29. Chloe Best, High Dive Champions, 222.40;30. Anna Hansen, Glenbrook Aquatics Diving, 220.10;31. Ishani Singh, Pine Crest Diving, 199.20;32. Megan Hetzler, Unattached, 194.80;33. Anne Marie Kenny, Mile High Dive Club, 170.90;

12-13 boys’ 1-meter

1. Noah Duperre, Ohio State Diving Club, 346.35;2. Maxwell Flory, Dominion Dive Club, 329.65;3. Jordan Rzepka, Cleveland Area Diving, 313.25;4. Kevin Sullivan, Windy City Diving, 293.15;5. Nicholas Hart, Boiler Diving Academy, 291.40;6. Gregory Culver, Montgomery Dive Club, 290.70;7. Bayne Bennett, TNT Diving, 283.95;8. Ben Smith, Rose Bowl Aquatics, 283.15;9. Gabriel Holladay, The Indiana International School of Diving, 281.65;10. Jack Matthews, Ohio State Diving Club, 273.20;11. Seamus Harding, SVY Lords of the Boards, 262.45;12. Henry Goodman, Chicago Diving Club, 259.30;

Cut after preliminaries

13. Jacob Haim, Trojan Dive Club, 262.85;14. Sam Stinson, Tualatin Hills Dive Club, 262.35;15. Luke Cheetham, Ohio State Diving Club, 259.65;16. Dillon Richardson, Unattached, 257.70;17. Kevin Bradley, Whirlwind Diving, 257.40;18. Jonathan Geraghty, Unattached, 256.10;19. Max Valasek, Trojan Dive Club, 253.60;20. Campbell Worsley, Carolina Diving Academy, 251.75;21. Peter Smithson, Georgia Diving Club, 250  .15;22. Reid Klein, GC Diving, 244.85;23. Wyatt Weaver, Dupage Diving Academy, 242.55;24. Brandon Wegner, YCF Diving Team, 240.35;25. Ryan Cohn, Glenbrook Aquatics Diving, 238.35;26. William Claus, Cleveland Area Diving, 236.25;27. Noah Kanan, Arrow Dive Club, 235.95;28. Luca Ayazi, Mission Viejo, 220.05;29. Isaac Newman, Lobo Diving Club, 219.60;30. Braden Kowalski, Nebraska Diving Club, 217.70;31. Zachary Boyd, Omaha Dive Club, 208.85;31. Cole Sullivan, Santa Clara Diving Club, 208.85;33. Sky Geovanni, YCF Diving Team, 190.05;