FINIS Introduces New Tech Suit: The Rival

Photo Courtesy: FINIS

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FINIS, Inc., the worldwide leader in technical swim products, is proud to announce the global launch of their new tech suit, the Rival. With the development of Rival, FINIS CEO John Mix tasked his team with creating a premium tech suit, free from marketing jargon and high-tech terms that leave swimmers, coaches, and parents feeling confused.

Most swimmers and coaches know that tech suits are made using a few main principles: compression, fabric choice, seam structure and water repellency. In a true FINIS fashion, the team wanted to put a unique and innovative twist on their design, and they knew it had to start with the athletes. FINIS collaborated with some of the fastest swimmers in the world, including Anthony Ervin, James Guy and Olivia Smoliga. The result: a suit that locks and lifts the hips into perfect body alignment. Using an innovative seam pattern that wraps from the front of the hips to the back, the swimmer will feel locked into position as soon as they dive into the water.

“It’s locked in. When you’re swimming it feels nice and tight in the water. Your legs feel like they are literally floating and gliding across the water.” – James Guy, World Champion and 2X Olympic Silver Medalist

What else does #TeamFINIS love about the Rival?

It is constructed using not one, but TWO different fabrics.

A one-way stretch fabric is used to increase compression by limiting stretch in one direction. This is placed on flatter areas of the body that need the most compression – like the inner legs. It has a smooth surface, which means less friction and drag.

The two-way stretch fabric allows range of motion by stretching equally in both directions. It is applied to curved areas of the body – like the chest and butt. It has a textured surface, which means water can move freely without breaking flow.

So yes, two fabrics are better than one. These fabrics work together to support the body and enable muscle efficiency. If you love that + seams that pull you into perfect body alignment + water repellency and all that good stuff, this is the suit for you

“The amount of work that went into creating this suit was phenomenal and the end goal was rather simple – to create a fast suit that swimmers would enjoy wearing.” – John Mix, FINIS Co-founder and CEO

One final thing that #TeamFINIS loves…PIZZA!

So if you read this whole thing, go get yourself a slice. You deserve it.

 Want to find out more about this awesome new suit? Click here!

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FINIS is giving away 15 suits, and there are ways to increase your chances of being one of the lucky winners!

Rival is FINA approved and race-ready starting 2018.

Press release courtesy of FINIS, Inc.


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