FINA Says Olympic Qualifying Standards are Not Final, Released by IOC ‘In Error’

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

FINA Says Olympic Qualifying Standards are Not Final, Released by IOC ‘In Error’

After 2024 Olympic qualifying standards for swimming were released through an International Olympic Committee (IOC) newsletter, FINA says that the standards published were “outdated” and are not the correct times which will be used for the Paris Games.

According to the governing body of swimming, the IOC published those times “in error” and they are not final.

The governing body has not finalized any times, and did not indicate when the official times would be released.

FINA released this statement to Swimming World:

“To be clear, FINA did not publish Olympic qualifying criteria for the Paris 2024 Games. Regrettably, it appears that an outdated, non-final draft of the Olympic Qualifying Standard Principles was published by the IOC in error. Recognizing this, the IOC removed the draft documents from their website.

“To reiterate, the Qualifying Standards Principles for aquatics sports at the Paris 2024 Olympics have not been finalized. When the qualification criteria for Paris 2024 are final, FINA will promptly publish these documents on the FINA website and we will inform media outlets like Swimming World with a press release.”

The times published “in error” were extremely fast with a handful of events the same as 2020, but most of them faster — much faster.

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