Federica Pellegrini: We Must Do Something To Change The Course Of History…NOW

Photo Courtesy: Patrick B. Kraemer

Federica Pellegrini has added her voice to the global horror as devastating bushfires continue to burn in Australia, saying “we must do something to change the course of history … NOW”.

The death toll continues to rise as fire ravages New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and while rain has fallen in some parts of the country and temperatures have dropped, officials have warned they will rise again.

Livelihoods and properties have been decimated and heartbreaking images have been beamed to a horrified world.

People from all walks of lives, including sports stars and celebrities, have voiced their support, the latest of whom is Pellegrini with the double Olympic 200m freestyle medallist posting on Instagram.

“Pray for Australia, pray for all the firefighters killed, for all the dead animals, for all the citizens who have lost their lives and homes … we must do something to change the course of history …. NOW…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💔 #australia”


Pellegrini’s statement was one of both compassion and a call to action and followed the worldwide swim community’s best wishes for safety.

Adam Peaty, the Olympic and world 100m breaststroke champion, made clear his intention to help.

Zoe Baker, the former 50m breaststroke world-record holder turned coach and now back in Britain after having spent years in New Zealand, donated profits from a swim clinic.

Our Oceania Correspondent Ian Hanson broke the news on Friday that the McKeon swim family was safe after being evacuated from a lakeside home they have in New South Wales.

Are you staging an event to raise donations to help Australians caught in the catastrophe on their doorstep? Let us know in comments or at editorial@swimmingworld.com.

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