Ervin, Goeders are Oldest, Youngest Competitors at Senior Nationals

Photo by David Farr

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IRVINE, California, August 5. JUST a day out from the beginning of USA Swimming’s Senior Nationals, its amazing stats department has released the lists of the top 10 youngest and oldest swimmers currently entered in the meet.

At 33 years of age, California’s Anthony Ervin is the most veteran of the bunch.  He’s one of just six 30 year olds swimming this week.  That list includes Natalie Coughlin (31), Adam Mania (30), Kim Vandenberg (30), Cullen Jones (30) and Ryan Lochte (30).

Oldest Swimmers

The youngest swimmer at seniors this week is 13-year-old Anyamarie Goeders of the Mako Swim Team. 

Youngest Swimmers


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    Your youngest swimmers list is not quite correct. James (Michael) Brinegar, of Donner Swim Club, will be 14 years, 10 months and 21 days old on the first day of the meet. He is swimming in the men’s 1500 on Wednesday.

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      Good catch! Will relay that to USA Swimming! How’s Jennifer doing?!? Talk about some pedigree for Michael!