Eleven of Your Favorite Meet Snacks

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By Kelsey Mitchell, Swimming World College Intern.

Every swimmer knows that food plays an important part in a successful meet. Fueling your body keeps you energized and helps to keep that post-race fatigue from setting in. However, foods that work for one swimmer may not work for another. Our bodies are unique, and dietary restrictions and personal preferences can largely impact what we choose to eat at meets. We asked some swimmers about their favorite meet snacks, and they gladly shared what fuels them to success. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite!

1. Goldfish Crackers


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Goldfish crackers are a quick and easy snack that many swimmers can be found enjoying at meets. A large part of their appeal is the taste and the fact that they do not make you feel heavy after eating them. Many swimmers do not enjoy eating heavier foods before a race for fear of an upset stomach. Goldfish crackers are a great snack to achieve that purpose.

2. Sandwiches


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Sandwiches are able to offer hungry swimmers both carbohydrates and proteins, allowing them to regain some energy and begin the process of rebuilding tired muscles. Sandwiches are also on the bigger side of a “snack,” so one may be able to last you through an entire session.

3. Popcorn


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Another lighter snack: popcorn is quick and and easy to eat. Popcorn is also easy to share, making it a good snack to share with teammates in between events.

4. Date and Nut Energy Balls


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Energy balls are a very popular treat among swimmers of all ages and levels. These little balls are chock-full of energy and can keep a hungry swimmer going for a long while. These snacks take some preparation, so be sure to think ahead if you want them for your next meet.

5. Energy Waffles and Gels


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These snacks come in a variety of flavors from a variety of brands, making them another popular choice for meets. They also come in prepackaged portions, making it easy to eat the proper amount before your event. Besides their convenience, these snacks are also known for their great taste.

6. Granola and Peanut Butter Cups


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One of the heavier snacks listed, granola and peanut butter cups are a relatively substantial snack that can help fuel you to victory. Again offering swimmers both protein and carbohydrates, they are a good option for meet-time fuel without experiencing  an energy crash.

7. Saltine Crackers


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Saltines are the perfect snack for the swimmer with a weak stomach. Many swimmers get nervous stomachs while at meets, so saltine crackers can help to combat their hunger. Though not offering much nutritional value, saltines offer those with queasy stomach something light and bland they can tolerate while also providing salt and electrolytes.

8. Bagels


Photo Courtesy: Rabi Krishnappa

A swim meet favorite, bagels are another easy option. These snacks are more filling, so you can last a long way into the meet. With many flavors and spreading options, there is a bagel out there for almost any swimmer. These snacks are an easy source of necessary carbohydrates.

10. Granola Bars


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Granola bars come in many flavors from a near infinite number of brands. These snacks are easy to throw in a swim bag and don’t get ruined from water due to their packaging. They also come with a variety of nutritional differences, some offering high amounts of protein.

11. Fruit Snacks


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Fruit snacks also come in a wide selection of flavors and brands. These quick treats can give swimmers a quick, mid-meet pick me up. They may be a high in sugar content, but that may be just what you need to get you through your last event.

What are your favorite meet snacks? Let us know below!

-All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff. These are not nutritional recommendations – they reflect the interviewed swimmers’ preferences.

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