Dryland Tip: Ring Swings

By G. John Mullen of SwimmingScience.net and CenterofOptimalRestoration.com, Swimming World correspondent

SANTA CLARA, California, September 15. G. John Mullen, one of Swimming World's dryland correspondents, is back with another dryland training tip video today. This video focuses on Ring Swings, which are a speed and strength exercise.

Purpose: Ring Swings are a speed-strength exercise to improve arm speed in freestyle in butterfly. Unlike other training devices, it utilizes full shoulder range of motion.

Directions: Take two hula-hoops or exercise rings and wrap a plastic or garbage bag around the ring. Hold the rings in each hand at the bottom of the ring and swing your arms as fast as you can, mimicking freestyle or butterfly. Perform in short burst to enhance arm speed gains.

Dr. G. John Mullen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. At USC, he was a clinical research assistant at USC performing research on adolescent diabetes, lung adaptations to swimming, and swimming biomechanics. G. John has been featured in Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, and the International Society of Swim Coaches Journal. He is currently the strength and conditioning coach at Santa Clara Swim Club, owner of the Center of Optimal Restoration and creator of Swimming Science.