Dorothea Brandt Among Final Day Winners at German Open

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Roberts

Dorothea Brandt was one of the top winners during the final day of competition at the 2015 German Open.

Brandt, who is ranked 14th in the world with a 24.83 from German Nationals, won the women’s 50-meter free tonight in 25.02.  Tamara van Vliet placed second in 25.46 with Nina Kost claiming third in 25.68.

Christian vom Lehn, currently ranked 12th in the world with a 2:09.69, cruised to victory in the men’s 200-meter breast with a 2:12.11.  Jakob Schubert touched well behind with a second-place 2:18.38.  Nico Perner closed out the top three in 2:21.56.

Alexandra Wenk topped 200 fly victor Franziska Hentke in the women’s 100-meter fly, 59.08 to 59.99.  Marlene Huther took third in 1:01.72. Hentke was coming off a world-best German record in the 200 fly yesterday.

Steffen Deibler earned the men’s 100-meter fly crown in 52.80 with Alexander Kunert taking second in 54.00.  Timo Zwiesigk picked up third in 54.39.

Jacob Heidtmann tied Poul Zellmann with 1:50.18s to share the men’s 200-meter free title.  Felix Aubock turned in a third-place time of 1:50.21 in what proved to be a close finale.

Michael Stohner (1:50.54), Florian Vogel (1:50.58), Robin Backhaus (1:50.68) and Christoph Fildebrandt (1:50.77) all had a shot at the win.

Vanessa Grimberg won the women’s 200-meter breast in 2:27.15 with Julia Willers placing second in 2:30.87.  Michelle Lambert claimed third in 2:31.81.

Jenny Mensing topped the women’s 100-meter back in 1:01.75, while Lisa Graf took second in 1:02.38.  Johanna Roas snared third in 1:02.75.

Jan-Philip Glania claimed the men’s 100-meter back in 54.18 with Marco Di Carli taking second in 54.62.  Mark Fischer snagged third in 56.47.

Sarah Kohler picked up the women’s 200-meter free in 2:00.39.  Annika Bruhn placed second in 2:00.88 with Johanna Friedrich closing out the top three in 2:00.89.

Max Oswald won the men’s 50-meter free in 22.48 with Simon Hengel taking second in 23.15. Tony Lukas Fitterer snared third in 23.18.

This is the last meet to qualify for Germany’s team to the 2015 World Championships.

2015 German Swimming Open, Day 4 – Results