Dolfin Swimwear Launches New Brand Logo; Gains Momentum in Marketplace

Dolfin Swimwear

MOHNTON – DOLFIN Swimwear, after seven decades, is unveiling its new look to more accurately reflect the evolution of the brand’s product lines and the pride that comes from wearing Dolfin.

“The transition from the old logo to the new one is very symbolic to our growth within the swimwear market. We’re extremely proud of our legacy and company values we’ve stood by for nearly 75 years,” said President/CEO Jim Korth, Dolfin Swimwear. “We are reinvigorated. Our look shows a more accurate depiction of who we’ve become and our competitive spirit. Like our customers, we are evolving,” said Korth.

The rebranding of the company coincides with Dolfin’s 75th Anniversary. Dolfin plans to have the rebranded materials fully incorporated into Dolfin’s entire line of products by 2016, which is the actual 75th Anniversary year.

Since its foundation in 1941, this company has represented unsurpassed durability, blazing speed, high-tech innovation, and value – all qualities of the iconic dolphin that inspired the Dolfin logo. As a way to honor the interesting history of the company, Dolfin modernized its logo to stay relevant with its target audiences. Each tier in the dolphin logo represents an era of Dolfin’s history.

Other creative elements that reinforce the competitive strength of the brand include action and underwater photography and a sleek, modern website that showcases performance-driven athletes. The company’s Elite sponsored athletes are featured in many of the action shots, and Olympian coaches provide advice columns for the site’s Coaches Corner.

Mark Schubert Dolfin

Photo Courtesy: Dolfin

“This logo not only gives us a fresh look, but also serves as a reminder of our commitment to the finest products,” said Mark Schubert, an eight-time Olympic coach who serves as Director of Technical Development for Dolfin.

Haley Anderson Dolfin

Photo Courtesy: Dolfin

Olympian medalist Haley Anderson, a Dolfin sponsored athlete remarked, “The new Dolfin logo is a great step forward in broadening the brand. It’s a great nod to their past and a look forward to their future. I’m excited to be a part of this process.”

Dolfin Swimwear

Dolfin is Anchored in Rich American History

Dolfin’s First Mission…when lives depended on Durability.
The top tier resembles the silhouette of a parachute, representing Dolfin’s roots when its predecessor company, Reading Airchutes Inc., had one mission in the early days of World War II. Its mission: to manufacture the strongest and most durable cargo and bomb parachutes for the U. S. Army Air Force.

In fact, it was used for air-dropping the weapons and equipment that led to victory in the Battle of Normandy, the greatest military invasion in history. After the war, the company converted its wartime expertise in sewing nylon and rayon into a civilian application: women’s lingerie (under the Jean Vernon brand).

The Need for Speed

The second tier resembles the speed needed in water and on the track. Looking for new opportunities, the company designed and launched a line of nylon racing suits in 1958 for the competitive swimwear market using the brand name Dolfin. This variation of dolphin embodied the aquatic legend and the ultimate inspiration behind the iconic logo.

The growth of the Dolfin brand swimwear and track wear led the company to change its name to Dolfin Corporation and discontinue the lingerie business. In the 1980s, Dolfin track and athletic wear were thriving nationwide, including the “Racing Stripes” running shorts. The competition swimwear market held pace with the expansion of USA Swimming and grew to be the primary driver of Dolfin’s development.

Winning with High-tech Innovation

The third tier resembles the big leap forward in the present generation focusing on competition swimwear. In 1987, the company updated its name to Dolfin International Corporation. By the early 2000s, Dolfin launched what has become the #1 selling practice suit in America, Uglies, which are recognized for their unique and innovative prints.

Dolfin Logo With Tagline

Photo Courtesy: Dolfin

Dolfin Swimwear contributed to this as a press release.