Dick Pound Leading WADA Investigation Into Russian Doping Allegations

Dick Pound

MONTREAL – Dick Pound, the former World Anti-Doping Agency chairman, has been called upon to lead a WADA investigation into the ARD documentary allegations of systematic Russian doping.

Today, WADA announced that Pound would lead a three-person independent panel into what it calls “grave” accusations of widespread doping that were part of a German television broadcast by the ARD network.

Alongside Pound will be Canadian sports arbitrator Richard McLaren and a third member yet to be named.  The three will begin their investigation following the holidays.

“WADA is pleased that Mr Richard Pound and Professor Richard McLaren have agreed to look into the grave doping allegations that came to light through the recent German television broadcasts,” WADA president Craig Reedie said. “The independent commission has the vital task of reviewing the allegations aired during the documentaries, as well as all other information received separately by WADA, to determine if there have been any violations to anti-doping rules.

“Once the investigation is concluded, if it is found that there have been violations or breaches of the rules, WADA will ensure that any individuals or organisations concerned are dealt with in an appropriate fashion under the World Anti-Doping Code. The commission will be given the resources it needs in order for the investigation to be carried out thoroughly, and so that, in turn, clean athletes across the world are reassured that the anti-doping system is working in their best interests.”

Reading into Reedie’s comments regarding the impetus of the investigation, “as well as all other information received separately by WADA,” it looks like the documentary has spurred more sources to come to the anti-doping community to clean up the issues alleged against the Russian sporting establishment.

Earlier this month, ARD broadcast an earth-shattering program entitled “Secret Doping Dossier: How Russia Produces It’s Winners.”

The 60-minute program alleged a plethora of doping measures from systematic doping all the way to full blown cover-ups and result tampering.

While soccer and track and field seem to have been the primary sports within the allegations, swimming did not emerge unscathed. Questions have arisen as to how many Russian swimmers were part of the alleged doping scheme, with so many recently already testing positive including Yuliya Efimova.

The allegations have already led to calls for FINA to strip Kazan, Russia of hosting duties for the 2015 World Championships, as well as its award to Russian president Vladimir Putin.  Putin was directly named within the ARD documentary as having sanctioned the doping regime:

At the (26:19) mark the transcripts document the following:
How strongly the Government exerts influence, is proved in a paper that was given to me. An Act of Government from 2010 for foreign control officers: the transport and export of urine and blood samples must always be approved. Samples may even be opened on the border. The Decree comes from – Vladimir Putin, at that time, the Prime Minister.

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