David Popovici Talks With Inside With Brett Hawke Podcast; Discusses World Record, Among Other Topics (Full Interview)

David Popovici

David Popovici Visits Inside With Brett Hawke Podcast To Discuss World Record, Among Other Topics (Full Interview)

When David Popovici first emerged on the international scene, a 47.30 clocking in the 100-meter freestyle doing the job at the 2021 European Junior Championships, he appeared on the Inside With Brett Hawke Podcast to discuss his performance. Over time, the Romanian teen has continued to conduct interviews with Hawke, the two-time Australian Olympian.

His latest appearance was on Friday, with Popovici now introduced as a world-record holder.

Brett Hawke

Photo Courtesy: Inside with Brett Hawke

His work at the European Championships done, Popovici spoke with Hawke about his exploits at the Foro Italico in Rome. Obviously, the focus was his world record of 46.86 in the 100 freestyle and his 1:42.97 clocking in the 200 freestyle, an effort that ranks as the third-fastest in history. Both efforts had the swimming world abuzz and enamored by the ability of the 17-year-old.

During his latest interview with Popovici, Hawke also covered a number of other topics, ranging from how Popovici will be closely studied and mimicked by coaches and athletes looking for success to how Popovici managed his races at the European Championships in comparison to previous competitions.

One of the things that stood out about Popovici, and has been the case since he emerged on the world stage, is his demeanor. His maturity routinely came across, and was evidence of why Popovici is able to handle himself so well under pressure and great expectations.

Hawke’s Podcast his highly regarded and has provided viewers with the opportunity to get to know and learn from some of the biggest names in the sport.

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