Damian Wierling Wins Two Titles on Second Night of German Nationals

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The German youngsters left its mark on the 130th International German Championships. First and foremost the trio Anna Elendt, Melvin Imoudu and Ramon Klenz, who were able to record one more after their first titles yesterday. Damian Wierling needed only today’s final section for the same number of titles.

Wierling was also the one who swam to the first single gold medal of the day. Over 100m freestyle the Essener relegated the two Egyptians and Indiana University teammates Mohamed Samy (48.92) and Ali Khalafalla (49.68) in 48.89 seconds to the other medal ranks.

A clear affair was the final over 100m freestyle women. Here Annika Bruhn (Neckarsulm Sports Union) left the competition with a new personal best time of 54.13 no chance. With more than a second behind the second Reva Foos (DSW 1912 Darmstadt, 55.16) struck. Third place went to Franziska Weidner (SG Mittelfranken, 55.49).

Over 400m IM of the men confirmed Ramon Klenz (Hamburger SC) his top form with a two-second best time. In 4:18.68 secured the 19-year-old for the first time the German championship title over this route. Behind Klenz won Junior World Champion Johannes Hintze (SV Nikar Heidelberg, 4: 22,38) silver and Paul Hentschel (SC Chemnitz of 1892, 4: 23,63) bronze. Juliane Reinhold (SSG Leipzig) won the gold medal in 4:44.32 for the women. Next to her on the podium were Kathrin Demler (SG Essen, 4:47.48) and Franziska Hentke (SC Magdeburg, 4:49.67).

Then the minute of Melvin Imoudu struck – again. After his victory over 50m breaststroke yesterday, the Potsdamer put on twice the distance and relegated in 1:00.66 Christian vom Lehn (SG Bayer, 1:00.71) and Marco Koch (DSW 1912 Darmstadt, 1:00.94 ) to the other places. Koch showed again rising form and remained for the first time this season under 1:01. His teammate Anna Elendt was the one who struck in the women’s final first. In 1:08.79 came the only 16-year-old also very close to her personal best time (1:08.68), with which she won bronze at the JEM in Helsinki two weeks ago. Second behind Elendt was in 1:09.19 Jessica Steiger (VFL Gladbeck 1921), in third place swam Marlene Hüther (Neckarsulmer Sport-Union, 1:09.29).

About 50m butterfly then sprint qualities were also in demand. That Damian Wierling has these skills, he proved in 23.54 seconds. With this time he smashed to his second title of the day. Second place went to David Thomasberger (SSG Leipzig, 23.93), third place to Jonas Bergmann (SG Osnabrück, 23.97). Fourth went to Luca Nik Armbruster. The Dortmund (born 2001) marked a new age record in 24.02 seconds.

Aliena Schmidtke is the International German Champion 2018 over 50m butterfly. The Magdeburg sprinted to victory in 26.38 seconds. Behind her, Maya Tobehn (Berliner TSC, 26.75) and Alexandra Wenk (SG Stadtwerke München, 26.86) were second and third respectively.

Florian Wellbrock (Magdeburg) is the new German champion over 800m freestyle. The German record holder inherited in 7:51.58 his teammate Rob Muffels, who was not at the start today. The other medals grabbed Poul Zellmann (SG Essen, 7:54.09) and Ruwen Straub (SV Würzburg 05, 7:54.68).

In the women’s race Julia Hassler (SV Nikar Heidelberg) won 8:33.02. It was already the second victory for the Liechtenstein champion in this year’s DM. Celine Rieder needed 8:38.43 for the 16 laps, for which she was rewarded with the silver medal. Bronze went to Josephine Tesch (Berliner TSC, 8:48.55).

As a supplement to the earlier heats of the 800m freestyle in the morning, the outstanding performance of Silas Beth must be pointed out. The Bad Schwartauer swam in 8:17.87 to a new age record for the 15-year-olds. The old record was held by Rainer Henkel (8:20,19) and set up nearly 39 years ago.

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