CSCAA to Launch Virtual Senior Day for College Senior Swimmers, Divers


The global Coronavirus pandemic has introduced the world to virtual graduations, virtual meets, even virtual happy hours. Now the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association (CSCAA) is taking it one step further by launching the Virtual Senior Day to recognize graduating seniors, many of whom saw their college seasons or careers were cut short.

In addition to being recognized for their academic credentials and post-graduation plans, Seniors will have the opportunity to express what their swimming and diving career has meant to them through short videos and written comments. The CSCAA will highlight an estimated 4,000 seniors beginning in June prior to the USA Olympic Team Trials in June.

“The past year has taught us all to never again take anything for granted,” explained CSCAA President Joe Dykstra. “So many of our seniors look forward to being recognized by their peers and parents and this, in a small way allows them to do that while also having the opportunity to recognize the impact the sport, their coach or their team has had on them.”.

Last Fall the NCAA and NAIA granted seniors in all sports an additional year of eligibility, but it’s a benefit that will go unused by many. “Swimmers and divers aren’t exactly on the five-year plan,” CSCAA Executive Director Greg Earhart explained. “Many have already accepted positions or planning to begin graduate school. Moreover, the vast majority of swimmers and divers aren’t on scholarship so another year of school means another year of tuition.”

Citing research from the NCAA, Earhart notes that women’s swimmers and divers lead the nation with the highest Academic Progress Rate (APR) and Graduation Success Rate (GSR) among sports with 100 or more teams. Men’s teams aren’t far behind, he adds, ranking second behind tennis in APR and third behind tennis and golf in GSR.

Virtual Senior Day will also provide an opportunity to showcase those seniors who haven’t finalized their post-graduate plans. Swimmers and divers Earhart says bring an incredible combination of skills and qualities to the workplace. According to the CSCAA roughly half of swimmers and divers major in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field.

“If recruiters are looking for talent, they will find it here,” Earhart concludes. “Add in the ability to work as a team, the focus necessary to execute a dive list, or discipline required to wake up at an ungodly hour to stare at a black line and you begin to understand why employers seek these kids out.”

Seniors expecting to graduate in 2021 should visit and complete a questionnaire by May 15th.

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