CSCAA Crowns NCAA Division I Women’s All-America Team

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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The College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) selected their Women’s NCAA Division I All-America team..  In total, 235 students were selected with 135 earning spots on the first team and another 100 were honored as Honorable Mention.

Minnesota’s Lexi Tenenbaum and Wenbo Chen were named CSCAA Diver and Diving Coach of the Year respectively.  Tenenbaum reached the Championship Final on both the Platform and 3 meter Springboard and the Consolation Final on the 1-meter springboard.  Chen guided three Gophers to CSCAA All-America finishes including NCAA Champion Yu Zhou.  This is third time Coach Chen has been honored as the CSCAA NCAA Division I Women’s Diving Coach of the Year.

Kathleen Baker of the University of California was named the CSCAA Swimmer-of-the-Year following victories in the 200 Individual Medley, and 100 and 200 Backstrokes.  Baker becomes only the third Golden Bear to win three individual titles in a single NCAA Championship.  Stanford’s Greg Meehan, was named the CSCAA Women’s Swimming-Coach-of-the-Year after leading the Cardinal to their first NCAA title since 1998.  It is Meehan’s second Coach-of-the-Year honor in four years.

The University of Louisville led the list with eleven students selected to the first team.  Stanford University, which won the NCAA team title had thirteen students overall. Stanford’s Simone Manuel and Louisville’s Mallory Comerford each collected seven first-team certificates, the most possible.

All-Americans were selected on the basis of their finish at the Championships and membership with the CSCAA.  The top eight individuals and relay members in each event earned First-Team recognition while those finishing 9-16th named Honorable Mention (or 2nd Team) All-American

First Team

Adams, Claire (FR) Texas
Andison, Bailey (SO) Denver
Apostalon, Anika (SR) USC
Bacon, Sarah (FR) Minnesota
Baker, Kathleen (SO) California
Baldwin, Caroline (JR) North Carolina
Berg, Marissa (JR) Wisconsin
Bi, Rose (SO) Michigan
Bilquist, Amy (SO) California
Brady, Sharli (JR) Missouri
Bratton, Lisa (JR) Texas A&M
Braunecker, Avery (FR) Louisville
Britt, Chelsea (JR) Georgia
Brumbaum, Kayla (SR) NC State
Burchill, Veronica (FR) Georgia
Byrnes, Megan (FR) Stanford
Caldwell, Courtney (SO) NC State
Cameron, Emily (SR) Georgia
Caneta, Jorie (JR) Texas A&M
Case, Lauren (FR) Texas
Cattermole, Sophie (FR) Louisville
Clary, Lindsey (SR) Ohio State
Comerford, Mallory (SO) Louisville
Cook, Kassidy (JR) Stanford
Cottrell, Andrea (SR) Louisville
Cox, Madisyn (SR) Texas
Cui, Elizabeth (SO) Louisiana State
Dalesandro, Gia (SR) Indiana
Deloof, Gabby (JR) Michigan
Duffield, Krista (JR) NC State
Eastin, Ella (SO) Stanford
Ellzey, Ashton (JR) Auburn
Escobedo, Emily (SR) UMBC
Evans, Joanna (SO) Texas
Fanz, Casey (FR) Louisville
Freriks, Geena (SO) Kentucky
Galat, Bethany (JR) Texas A&M
Galyer, Ali (FR) Kentucky
Galyer, Danielle (SR) Kentucky
Garcia, Taylor (SO) Arizona
Gastaldello, Beryl (JR) Texas A&M
Gehrke, Maddie (SO) Missouri
Gibson, Alison (FR) Texas
Gibson, Sarah (SR) Texas A&M
Ginnis, Morgan (JR) Arizona
Goss, Kennedy (JR) Indiana
Govejsek, Nastja (FR) Louisville
Gyorgy, Reka (FR) Virginia Tech
Haan, Elise (SO) NC State
Hansson, Louise (FR) USC
Haughey, Siobhan Bernadette (SO) Michigan
Head, Calli (SR) Iowa
Hill, Morgan (FR) Virginia
Horejsi, Lindsey (FR) Minnesota
Houck, Abbie (SR) Louisville
Howe, Ally (JR) Stanford
Hu, Janet (JR) Stanford
Jones, Kaitlyn (SR) Virginia
Karosas, Tasija (SR) Texas
Keire, Jackie (SR) Cincinnati
Kendzior, Alina (SO) Louisville
King, Lilly (SO) Indiana
Kinney, Chase (SR) Wisconsin
Knapton, Abigail (FR) Nebraska
Konopka, Katrina (SO) Arizona
Labonge, Natalie (SR) NC State
Laemmler, Nadine (SR) Missouri
Leach, Hanni (SO) USC
Ledecky, Katie (FR) Stanford
Li, Liz (JR) Ohio State
Lin, Pei (JR) Miami (OH)
Lohman, Kennedy (FR) Arizona
Malone, Kristin (JR) Texas A&M
Manuel, Simone (SO) Stanford
Marrkand, Jen (JR) Virginia
McCann, Meryn (FR) Georgia
McGregor, Ashley (SR) Texas A&M
McLaughlin, Katie (SO) California
Meaney, Emily (FR) Purdue
Meynen, Julie (FR) Auburn
Millard, Rebecca (JR) Texas
Moffitt, Hellen (SR) North Carolina
Moore, Hannah (JR) NC State
Moseley, Stanzi (FR) USC
Murphy, Maddie (FR) California
Neal, Lia (SR) Stanford
Neidigh, Ashley (SR) Auburn
Nevalainen, Lotta (SR) NC State
Ochitwa, Annie (SO) Arizona
Oglesby, Grace (FR) Louisville
Osman, Farida (SR) California
Parrato, Jessica (SO) Indiana
Perry, Ky-lee (FR) NC State
Pickrem, Sydney (SO) Texas A&M
Pierce, Natalie (JR) Florida State
Polyakova, Maria (JR) UCLA
Purcell, Allyx (SR) Auburn
Quesnel, Rebecca (JR) Florida Intl
Raab, Meaghan (JR) Georgia
Rasmus, Claire (SO) Texas A&M
Rockett, Ally (JR) Indiana
Rosendahl, Olivia (SO) Northwestern
Ross, Katharine (SR) Missouri
Runge, Cierra (SO) Wisconsin
Ryan, G (JR) Michigan
Scott, Riley (SO) USC
Sehmann, Emmy (SO) Wisconsin
Seidt, Asia (FR) Kentucky
Sellers, Alex (SR) Louisville
Simon, Laura (SR) Virginia
Smiddy, Clara (JR) Michigan
Smith, Kierra (SR) Minnesota
Smith, Leah (SR) Virginia
Smoliga, Olivia (SR) Georgia
Sougstad, Emma (SR) Iowa
Spears, Holly (JR) Indiana
Stevens, Hannah (JR) Missouri
Stevens, Leah (SO) Stanford
Stewart, Kylie (JR) Georgia
Tenenbaum, Lexi (SR) Minnesota
Tetzloff, Aly (SO) Auburn
Thomas, Noemie (JR) California
Unicomb, Jess (SO) Wisconsin
Valley, Danielle (SR) Wisconsin
Van Landeghem, Chantal (SR) Georgia
Vincent, Alexis (SO) Purdue
Visscher, Lainey (FR) Louisville
Vose, Kirsten (SO) USC
Vredeveld, Kristen (SR) California
Weitzeil, Abbey (FR) California
Williams, Kim (SO) Stanford
Wright, Maddie (SO) USC
Zevnik, Alexia (SR) NC State
Zheng, Sharae (JR) Nevada
Zhou, YU (SR) Minnesota

Honorable Mention

Aiacoboae, Mara (JR) Arizona State
Alexander, Bridgette (JR) Kentucky
Aoyama, Brittany (SR) Boise State
Avestruz, Zoe (SO) Minnesota
Banic, Maddy (SO) Tennessee
Barksdale, Emma (SO) South Carolina
Barnard, Delaney (JR) Indiana
Bauer, Brooke (FR) North Carolina
Belanger, Eloise (SO) UCLA
Bernhardt, Rachel (SR) Drexel
Black, Alyssa (SR) Rutgers
Black, Haley (JR) Auburn
Bonniwell, Ayla (FR) Florida State
Brown, Erika (FR) Tennessee
Burdge, Hannah (SO) FGCU
Callahan, Colleen (SR) Tennessee
Caplan, Alexandra (JR) San Diego St
Carlson, Molly (FR) Florida State
Cleveland, Alex (JR) Tennessee
Cooper, Caitlin (JR) Virginia
Cox, Hannah (FR) Arizona
Coy, Maria (SO) Ohio State
Dawson, Elisa (JR) North Carolina
Deloof, Catie (SO) Michigan
Donnelly, Fiona (SR) Virginia Tech
Drabot, Katie (FR) Stanford
Eldridge, Raena (FR) Texas A&M
Garcia Urzainqui, Marina (SR) California
Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Monika (SO) Texas A&M
Grover, Katie (JR) UCLA
Gruest Slowing, Valerie (FR) Northwestern
Hamperian, Rebecca (SR) Kentucky
Hayden, Kristen (FR) Michigan
Hayden, Rachel (JR) Missouri
Heitmann, Maria (FR) Indiana
Hemstreet, Karling (FR) Texas A&M
Hespeler, Jessica (SR) Virginia Tech
Hitchens, Sarah (SR) North Carolina
Jacobsen, Kirsten (FR) Arizona
Jagdfeld, Abby (JR) Wisconsin
Jernberg, Cassy (FR) Indiana
Kansakoski, Silja (FR) Arizona State
Kaunitz, Sarah (JR) UCLA
Kingsley, Megan (JR) Georgia
Kleinsorgen, Ally (SO) Boise State
Kopas, Emily (JR) Michigan
Koucheki, Sarah (SR) North Carolina
Krause, Vanessa (FR) Michigan
Latham, Katie (SO) FGCU
Layland, Wallace (JR) Miami (FL)
Lovemore, Tayla (JR) Florida State
Mack, Linnea (SR) UCLA
Maillard, Alison (FR) Auburn
Mann, Becca (FR) USC
Marchuk, Stephanie (SR) Indiana
Martin, Katelyn (SR) Boise State
McCarthy, Emma (SO) Arizona
McHugh, Ally (SO) Penn State
McHugh, Cameron (JR) Arizona
McNichols, Macie (JR) Ohio State
Meitz, Kaersten (JR) Purdue
Metzger-Seymour, Erin (JR) Missouri
Miller, Genevieve (SR) Air Force
Mulquin, Catherine (SR) Notre Dame
Murphy, Alessandra (SR) Michigan
Nack, Chantal (SO) Minnesota
Nack, Danielle (JR) Minnesota
Nazieblo, Klaudia (JR) Virginia Tech
Nelson, Beata (FR) Wisconsin
Nied, Allyson (SO) South Carolina
Oder, Tjasa (JR) Arizona
Painter, Kathryn (SO) Kentucky
Peterson, Ashley (SR) Wisconsin
Pfeiffer, Emily (SR) North Carolina
Postoll, Becca (SO) Michigan
Rathsack, Lina (JR) Pittsburgh
Rauth, Shannon (SR) Virginia
Redding, Gracie (SO) FGCU
Reedy, Lauren (SR) Missouri
Reese, Samantha (JR) Purdue
Rommel, Dina (JR) Virginia
Roush, Emma (JR) UMass
Rule, Remedy (SO) Texas
Sanders, Amanda (SR) Denver
Scott, Bailey (JR) Alabama
Small, Meghan (FR) Tennessee
Sorensen, Abbey (SO) Boise State
Stafford, Nicole (SR) Stanford
Szekely, Allie (FR) Stanford
Targonski, Maryellen (JR) Duke
Teijonsalo, Fanny (SO) FGCU
Thomas, Ellen (SR) Virginia
Toussaint, Kira (SR) Tennessee
Waddell, Tevyn (FR) Minnesota
Wade, Tatum (FR) USC
White, Madison (SR) UCLA
Winstead, Madison (FR) Kentucky
Witt, Madison (SO) USC
Wynn, Chantel (SR) Ohio State
Zubar, Kira (JR) Missouri

Press release courtesy of CSCAA



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