Colgate University Suspends Men’s Swimming & Diving Through 2018 For Hazing

Photo Courtesy: Colgate Athletics

The Colgate University Men’s Swimming and Diving team has been suspended from all meets for the rest of the calendar year and its winter training trip following violations of Colgate’s policies related to hazing and alcohol consumption. The suspension of the team came after an investigation by the Department of Athletics and the Dean of the College Office, which concluded that the men’s team had engaged in a team hazing activity that also included high-risk alcohol consumption.

In an official release posted on the University’s Athletics website, Colgate Vice President and Director of Athletics, Dr. Nicki Moore, stated that while the consequences are harsh, the decision was made in order “to communicate clearly and unequivocally that hazing and high-risk drinking have no place in Colgate’s Division I athletics program or at Colgate University.”

The team opened their season last weekend at the Justin Jennings Memorial Invitational, and were slated to compete against Loyola, Saint Bonaventure, Binghamton, and Niagara in dual meets before heading to Boston for the Terrier Invitational at Boston University and then USA Swimming’s Winter Nationals in Greensboro.

Now, the men’s team first scheduled competition will be at the University of Buffalo Diving Invitational on January 11, followed by a dual meet the next day against Boston University.

No restrictions were announced for the Women’s Swimming and Diving team.

You can read the full release from Colgate here.


  1. Michelle P Nicholos

    Are these men raised this way or do they just lose it once they get to college?????

    • Tony Trefoil

      Michelle P Nicholos raised

  2. Thomas Inwood

    That’s real smart – cancel the entire season. There are better ways

    • Emily Daniels

      If you had read the article it says they cancelled their meets through the remainder of the calendar year… meaning through december. They will compete again starting in January.

    • Paula Moore

      What better way?

    • Thomas Inwood

      Paula Moore how about discipline for those involved ? If the entire team wasn’t involved then you punish the innocent. And I have been on teams where that occurred and not all were involved watched participated So there are better ways

  3. Kathleen P. Gill

    Yes there are better ways. They would require work. They took the easy way out and just cancelled the season. So sad.

    • Juliee Beyt

      Giving them a pass is what allows that kind of culture to continue.

  4. Neil Morgan

    I didn’t even know what hazing was, and having looked it up, I can’t remember ever having to do something like that.