Cody Miller Shows off New Training Setup with Backyard Endless Pool

Cody Miller Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

American Olympian Cody Miller showed off his new backyard pool setup, featuring a personalized endless pool, in a video posted to YouTube Wednesday.

Miller, rocking his Team USA flag cap, provides a tour of his new backyard, complete with new deck and patio area, before showing off the endless pool that bears his name on the side – that he’s quite proud of having help installed during his home improvement kick.

Miller goes through some of the options available on the pool, which he’s been using to keep in shape during quarantine. “Training has been going really, really well, all things considered,” Miller said.

Miller, who won bronze at the Rio Olympics with an American record in the 100 breast and took gold as part of the American medley relay, teased future videos where he gets into the specifics of the pool’s workout settings via its app. He’s taken to YouTube even more during the pandemic, to announce everything from his wife’s pregnancy to training updates.

Wednesday’s video includes a cameo by fellow Indiana alum and Olympian Blake Pieroni, and Miller’s niece, who he is teaching to swim.

While the title of the video is “My $1,000,000 Training Pool,” the actual cost of the pool is less, though not in Miller’s eyes, especially after driving up to three hours round trip or having to resort to ponds to train during lockdown.

“No, this is not a million-dollar pool,” Cody Miller says. “It’s not a cheap pool, but it’s not a million dollars. But for someone like me who spends his life in a pool, who wakes up every single day looking forward to getting in the pool, finally having a pool that I know will be open every day, in my book, is worth a million bucks.”


  1. Ken Holland

    O2 SWIMMING loves this! Using the EP since 2001 and training so many swimmers & triathletes, I can tell you as a swimmer and coach… This IS THE REAL DEAL. Rock on Cody, you are awesome!

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