Coaches Corner: Two Drills With Hand Paddles to Improve Performance (Video)

Coaches Corner - Andrew Sheaff

Coaches Corner: Two Drills With Hand Paddles to Improve Performance

Today initiates a new series at Swimming World, one in which coaches from around the country will – through columns and videos – provide insight, tips, analysis and commentary on a variety of topics related to the sport. The individuals featured will represent a variety of levels, ranging from club coaches to high school and college coaches to Masters and elite-level coaches. Over time, the goals is to provide a wide range fellow coaches, swimmers and parents with knowledge that can be applied in the pool.

In this inaugural installment, Andrew Sheaff offers a brief discussion of paddles and how they can be used in unique fashion to promote improvement. During his career as a coach, Sheaff has worked at the University of Virginia, Northwestern and Bucknell. He competed collegiately for the University of Pittsburgh and recently published the book, “A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching.”

While addressing the use of paddles, Sheaff discusses how the technology can promote better head position and breathing techniques. He discusses how using a paddle in a non-conventional way can emphasize proper arm position to move greater amounts of water. Perhaps most important, Sheaff notes that the use of these two drills will provide immediate feedback to the swimmer, information that can be used to make improvements ahead of interaction with the coach.

Coach Andrew Sheaff

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