Clemson’s Winter Training Interrupted

CLEMSON, South Carolina, January 3. AFTER a successful training trip in Florida, the Clemson men's and women's swimming and diving teams returned to Clemson this week in high spirits, ready to tackle another round of tough training, only to find their home pool completely drained of water.

According to reports from current Clemson swimming and diving team members, repairs were attempted to the pool before the team's arrival. McHugh Natatorium, originally built in 1975, is utilized by the swimming and diving team, swim lessons, club swimming and water polo, a year-round club swim team, many classes offered by Clemson University and various students, faculty and staff.

After the repairs were "complete", a pipe burst and 390,000 gallons of water in both the competition pool and diving well escaped, leaving the Tigers high and dry. Perhaps it is time to look into not only a new pool facility, but also a new student recreation facility for use by everyone at Clemson University. Currently, not one cent of Clemson's "Will to Lead" 600 million dollar campaign has been publicly allocated to improvement of student recreation

"Despite already being tired and sore, and missing a few swimmers, we won both medley relays and stayed in control throughout the meet," said sophomore Andrew Aneysinghe. "There were some very good races on both the men's and women's sides and I think the coaches were pleased with the way we swam."

The team trained and competed against the Owls in an outside pool during Florida's harshest winter temperatures in over 50 years.

"Training trip definitely makes me feel much more confident," said sophomore Tori Cervone. "The practices were so hard, it was long course, and it was freezing. If I was able to do that, then I could do anything."

Now for the Tigers, that "anything" includes training at Emory University in Atlanta for the time being, with the potential for their first meet of the season, and one of only two home meets, to be moved to North Carolina on the 8th.

The failing of McHugh Natatorium could not come at a worse time for the Clemson Tigers. The winter training is designed to be the most difficult of the season, leading into the ACC Championships in February. This break in training could affect the Tigers not only physically, but also mentally.

The Tigers will prepare as best they can for the back half of their season, all the while waiting to see if and when the pool will be fixed in time for the last meet home meet of the season, which is scheduled for January 22nd.

The long standing tradition of saying farewell to the senior members of the team in their home pool is in dire jeopardy. Reports say that the Tigers could be without a home until February.

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