Chase Kalisz Destroys NCAA, American Record in 400 IM


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AUSTIN, Texas, March 28. IN one of the most unreal swims of the meet thus far, Georgia’s Chase Kalisz used an incredible breaststroke split to power his way to a scorching American, NCAA and U.S. Open record in the men’s 400-yard IM at the NCAA Division I Men’s Championships.

Kalisz used a sterling 59.41 breaststroke split to put up a blistering time of 3:34.50 to win the distance medley, and blast Tyler Clary’s 2009 record of 3:35.98 that had stood as the American, NCAA and U.S. Open record. Kalisz had been third all time with a 3:36.89 from last month at SECs, but he leapfrogged both Clary and North Baltimore Aquatic Club teammate Michael Phelps (3:36.26) to the top of the charts.

“It’s been a goal of mine all season long so to finally accomplish it, I couldn’t be happier right now. I feel like I’m on top of the world right now,” Kalisz said. “Obviously when you set goals you have to believe in yourself. I had an idea but luckily it worked out for me today. It feels just as good as it did last year. It never gets old.”

Watch Kalisz react to his huge swim!

Florida’s Dan Wallace had himself a sterling swim as well with a 3:38.17 for second. That swim vaulted him to seventh all time in the event’s history. Meanwhile, California’s Josh Prenot took third in 3:38.58 for 10 all time.

Indiana’s Steve Schmuhl (3:40.64), Texas’ Will Licon (3:40.84), Michigan’s Kyle Whitaker (3:41.33), Michigan’s Dylan Bosch (3:41.65) and Georgia’s Tynan Stewart (3:42.98) also vied for the NCAA title.

Kalisz joined Tyler Clary as a back-to-back winner, giving Georgia its fourth victory in the event’s history. Robert Margalis (2003) and Bill Cregar (2011) are the other two victorious Bulldogs.

Kalisz had plenty of trials and tribulations this year to overcome.  Not only is head coach Jack Bauerle still suspended indefinitely due to what is assumed to be an academic eligibility issue that also involved Kalisz, Kalisz also had to sit out for a few weeks before getting his issues cleared up in January.

Florida had a huge consolation heat with a 1-2-3 finish as Sebastien Rousseau won in 3:40.77 with Matt Elliott (3:41.24) and Connor Signorin (3:43.41) placing second and third in the B final.

California’s Adam Hinshaw (3:43.51), Georgia’s Jared Markham 93:44.21), Texas A&M’s Simon Frank (3:46.27), Minnesota’s Jakub Maly (3:46.97) and Arizona’s Michael Meyer (3:47.88) also posted second swims in the event.

1 Chase Kalisz SO Georgia 3:38.36 3:34.50
r:+0.74 23.56 50.04 (26.48)
1:17.50 (27.46) 1:44.16 (26.66)
2:13.63 (29.47) 2:43.57 (29.94)
3:09.34 (25.77) 3:34.50 (25.16)
2 *Dan Wallace JR Florida 3:41.93 3:38.17
r:+0.70 23.18 49.74 (26.56)
1:17.66 (27.92) 1:45.61 (27.95)
2:15.59 (29.98) 2:46.13 (30.54)
3:12.69 (26.56) 3:38.17 (25.48)
3 Josh Prenot SO California 3:40.37 3:38.58
r:+0.72 23.62 50.69 (27.07)
1:18.87 (28.18) 1:46.76 (27.89)
2:16.57 (29.81) 2:46.62 (30.05)
3:13.37 (26.75) 3:38.58 (25.21)

Team Standings
1. California 206
2. Florida 204
3. Texas 194
4. Michigan 148
5. Georgia 135
6. Auburn 86
7. Arizona 69.5
8. Florida State 68
9. Alabama 64.5
10. USC 57