CG Sports Network Weekly Trivia — How Well Do You Know Swimming?

Kara Lynn Joyce is the subject of one of the questions this week. Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Weekly CG Sports Network webinar trivia coming at you! Think you know swimming? Or at least pay attention well enough during the CG Sports Network live webinars? Test your knowledge here!

Weekly webinar trivia coming at you! Check out SwimmingWorld on Facebook for answers on the live stream of The Carpool Lane with Kristy Kowal on Friday, May 8th at 11am PDT.

Missed some CG Sports Network webinars? Jog your memory with the replays here:

Here are the questions for the CG Sports Network weekly trivia:

  • Besides growing up swimming and playing water polo, Matt Biondi played 2 instruments – which instrument listed below is one of those he played?
  • Kara Lynn Joyce qualified for which Olympics with a 24.73 in the 50m Freestyle?
  • The CGSN FIT Fam joined Katie Hoff for a squat hold challenge on Tuesday. What is Katie Hoff’s best 200m freestyle time that she used for her squat hold
  • Tommy Luchsinger, UNC Chapel Hill alumni and National Champion 200m butterflier, talked life with Elizabeth Beisel, comparing life to “climbing _______”. (Hint: Elizabeth Beisel has climbed this mountain!
  • Softball Player Haylie McCleney talked about flipping the switch when it’s game time and she puts her spikes on. What is her unique physical cue for the transition? Tapping her spikes….
  • BONUS: May the 4th Episode with Josh Davis – Which of the following is not one of Josh Davis’s 4 Traits of Jedi Swimmer: