Castaic Lake Measured at 69 Degrees Fahrenheit; No Wetsuits for Open Water Nats

Photo Courtesy: Town of Castaic

Wetsuits will not be allowed in the 10k races at U.S. Open Water Nationals in Castaic Lake after the lake was recorded at 69 degrees Fahrenheit at 9:30 a.m. local time Friday morning, just 90 minutes before the men’s race was scheduled to get underway.

According to a new rule passed by FINA and adopted by USA Swimming, wetsuits would have been optional at temperatures below 68 and required if the water was colder than 64.4 degrees, but the lake warmed up just enough to surpass that threshold.

Some coaches and swimmers had been concerned about the potentially chilly water and the last-minute changes to the wetsuit rule (announced less than two weeks before the race), but those concerns are avoided with the race-day temperature reading.

Click here to see the entry lists for Friday’s 10k races. The men’s race will take place at 11 a.m. PT and the women’s at 1 p.m., and full recaps will be available on Swimming World after the races conclude.

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6 years ago

Janet Kitching !

6 years ago
Reply to  Sarah J Ridley

California is rather a long way to go!! 69 degress would be like taking a bath!!