CAS Rules Yuliya Efimova Not Eligible To Compete At Rio Olympics; IOC Decision Pending



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Not long after making the decision that Russian swimmers Vlad Morozov and Nikita Lobintsev were cleared to compete in the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the international Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled that Yuliya Efimova would not be eligible to compete.

Efimova was removed from the Olympic team after the release of the McLaren Report due to her having been served a previous doping ban. The ruling from the IOC stated that,

The ROC is not allowed to enter any athlete for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 who has ever been sanctioned for doping, even if he or she has served the sanction.

The aim of Efimova’s appeal was to have the ban overturned, however the CAS did not grant her the ability to compete. According to the CAS,

As a consequence, the appeal has been partially upheld on that limited ground but all other prayers for relief have been rejected, including 1) the request that Yuliya Efimova be directly declared eligible to participate in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and 2) the request to oblige the IOC to accept the entry of Yuliya Efimova to compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee holds the final decision, which is still considered pending.


  1. Andy Fillmore

    Wasn’t she the whistleblower who alerted everyone about the whole problem? Smh

    • avatar

      That was Yulia Stepanova

  2. Jenny J Kemp

    How did she even get considered to be at Rio if she was already on the band list from previous times? She never should’ve even been considered. Wonder how many more slipping through the cracks.

  3. avatar

    There are no cracks to slip through. The IOC is as corrupt as ever. I guess they haven’t been paid enough to make the decision. Waiting for more IOC.

  4. avatar

    How did Jessica Hardy compete at the Olympics few years ago? If the rule should be applied to all athletes, americans are to be included in the ban as well.

  5. avatar

    I try to post once again (starting with a quota from the text above): “The ROC is not allowed to enter any athlete for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 who has ever been sanctioned for doping, even if he or she has served the sanction.” This rule has been turned down by CAS as unforceable since it contradicts the right to natural justice. I fully agree, she has already served a ban for that and shoudn’t be dubbel punished! That rule was point number three in the criteria issued by IOC EB but now emphasis is mainly on other criteria, specifickly number two.
    Since then has Efimova been supported by FINA and therefore accepted by IOC for participation.

  6. avatar

    After they had done a thorough investigation to clear her fully.

  7. avatar

    If you read moc.mawsmiws + moc.xetrovmiws (=backwords) you see more…