Caeleb Dressel Posts 50.03 in 100 Breast; Beats American/NCAA Record by 0.01 — RACE VIDEO

Photo Courtesy: Thomas Campbell/Texas A&M Athletics

Caeleb Dressel took down another American and NCAA record Saturday evening at the SEC championships, notching a mark of 50.03 in the men’s 100 breast. That was one hundredth faster than the previous top mark of 50.04, set by Kevin Cordes back in 2014.

Dressel now owns short course yards American records in the 50 free, 100 free, 100 fly, 200 IM and 100 breast.

Dressel showed off his signature power in his start, turns and pullouts, almost reaching the flags on the far end of the pool off the start and getting halfway down the pool on each turn. He ended up dominating the heat and winning by over two seconds.

Watch the full race video below:

Texas A&M’s Mauro Castillo ended up taking second in the race with a time of 52.11, and Tennessee’s Peter Stevens was third in 52.29. Just missing the podium was South Carolina’s Itay Goldfaden, who touched in 52.44.

Others in the final included South Carolina’s Nils Wich-Glasen (53.03), Florida’s Marco Guarente (53.07), Missouri’s Jordan O’brien (53.14) and Alabama’s Laurent Bams (53.39).

Event 28  Men 100 Yard Breaststroke
      US Open: O 50.04  3/28/2014 Kevin Cordes, Arizona
         NCAA: N 50.04  3/28/2014 Kevin Cordes, Arizona
     American: M 50.04  3/28/2014 Kevin Cordes, Arizona
     SEC Meet: S 51.07  2/17/2018 Caeleb Dressel, Florida
  Pool Record: P 50.86  3/27/2009 Damir Dugonjic, CAL
                 51.74  A
                 55.39  B
    Name           Year School            Prelims     Finals       Points 
                            === A - Final ===                            
  1 Caeleb Dressel   SR Florida             51.07      50.03OA       32  
    r:+0.66  10.48        23.42 (12.94)
          36.67 (13.25)       50.03 (13.36)
  2 Mauro Castillo   SR Texas A&M           52.56      52.11 B       28  
    r:+0.62  11.19        24.43 (13.24)
          38.24 (13.81)       52.11 (13.87)
  3 Peter Stevens    SR Tennessee           52.95      52.29 B       27  
    r:+0.59  10.61        23.90 (13.29)
          37.54 (13.64)       52.29 (14.75)
  4 Itay Goldfaden   SO South Carolina      52.58      52.44 B       26  
    r:+0.70  10.86        24.14 (13.28)
          38.05 (13.91)       52.44 (14.39)
  5 Nils Wich-Glase  SR South Carolina      52.62      53.03 B       25  
    r:+0.69  10.98        24.47 (13.49)
          38.59 (14.12)       53.03 (14.44)
  6 Marco Guarente   SO Florida             52.89      53.07 B       24  
    r:+0.62  11.43        24.62 (13.19)
          38.56 (13.94)       53.07 (14.51)
  7 Jordan O'Brien   JR Missouri            52.94      53.14 B       23  
    r:+0.72  11.30        24.63 (13.33)
          38.85 (14.22)       53.14 (14.29)
  8 Laurent Bams     JR Alabama             52.83      53.39 B       22  
    r:+0.71  11.53        25.18 (13.65)
          39.13 (13.95)       53.39 (14.26)
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  1. Juliee Beyt

    Dude is not even a breastroker

  2. Gustavo Medina

    David Olvera Mauricio Gonzalez Tellez

  3. Leon Lai

    Båbe-j disgustingly fast

  4. Ashley Carney

    Jason Pullanoo (not sure why it’s spelling your name COMPLETELY wrong) have you seen this?????

    • Jason Pullano

      It came across my phone while jen and I were at black panther. I had to stand up. Just so it could knock me over properly.

  5. Boaz Schwartz

    Looks like he is been prepped for multiple events 2020 – 200 IM , 50 , 100 free , 100 fly , maybe even 200 free and all the relays. he might just hit 7 gold medals !

  6. avatar

    Dude, he is a BREASTSTROKER. He glided a tenth too long after the first turn, otherwise he would have been under 50.0 seconds. He has better technique than the other “true” breaststrokers. He got his head under water for every stroke, that cuts a lot of resistance. If he had not breathed on his last three strokes to the finish he might be able to go 49.8.

    If he swam this more often like in World Cup SC Meters, he could win a lot of money and get even faster. Not sure if he could beat the UK “King” of breaststroke, but maybe in a 50 meters LC?

    I love to see great freestylers like Vlad Morozov swim breast. Also can you imagine Caeleb swimming the 100 SCM IM? New world record and $$$$$

    • Alex Cook

      Disappointed you didn’t tag me.

    • Tim Sismour

      I needed to ease you into it, I couldn’t risk shocking your system with this information

    • Ryan Lowery

      He’s foul honestly. Just gross raw speed

    • Tim Sismour

      Foul is the best word to describe him. Disgusting doesn’t do it justice

  7. Janice Ng

    This guy needs to be thoroughly checked. He might be doping. His performance is too unbelievable..

    • Amy Hennies Priddle

      He’s an NCAA champion and US national team swimmer. He has likely peed in more cups (with someone watching) than most of us will in a lifetime.

  8. Brett Davies

    Maybe he could equal Phelp’s record of 8 golds in Tokyo it seems a strong possibility at the moment.

  9. avatar
    Andy Cinoman

    He has the best start and the best turns in the business – very solid stroke, but watch how much distance he gains on the field off the start, and especially off the last turn…

  10. Paul Fisher

    Very confusing headline… 100 yards… not the 100 metres that everyone else swims..

  11. Chris J Ferguson

    Tom Lindsay David Smith Martin N Snape next GOAT

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