Bucket List: Paul O’Neill Prepares for Kildare Triathlon in Ireland (VIDEO)

Photo Courtesy: Jack Hallahan

The Bucket List.

May 30, 2023


6:30 a.m.

Turning 60, Paul O’Neill and his wife take a few days at “Muir Eirann” in The Irish Sea for some final laps before Saturday’s “TriATHY” Kildare Triathlon. After 750 meters swimming in The Barrrow River, Paul expects to sprint out of the water and onto his bike…proud of time spent open water training with a loose collection of swimmers who brave frigid, choppy conditions each morning along “The Velvet Strand” Beach near Portmarnock, Ireland.

“This has been on my Bucket List for awhile,” said Paul, while taking off his “University City Dublin” cap and goggles.

His face beaming along with a dozen or so happy swimmers, there is a certain sense of accomplishment shared amongst The Open Water Crowd. Where else can you find a more healthy combination of solitude and camaraderie?

Best of Luck, Paul!

See the video here.

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Christine moore
4 months ago

Fair play good luck with challenge