Bold Swimming Means Gold at Doc Lucky’s Gold Medal Mile May 29

The lure of gold has in the past has attracted legendary Olympic Gold medalists such as Brooke Bennett, triple Olympic Gold Medalist, and Josh Davis, Olympic Triple gold medalist. Rowdy Gaines, Triple Olympic gold medalist, will be announcing the event.

Gold Medal Mile: This local race is already being tagged internationally as “the other race that gives real gold medals. Orlando’s historic Lucky’s Lake-Swim host Dr. “Lucky” Meisenheimer is hosting the 3rd annual Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile® open water race on May 29. “Our race will award real gold medals twice the gold content of an Olympic gold,” said Lucky.

The lure of gold has in the past has attracted legendary Olympic Gold medalists such as Brooke Bennett, triple Olympic Gold Medalist, and Josh Davis, Olympic Triple gold medalist. Rowdy Gaines, Triple Olympic gold medalist, will be announcing the event.

This charitable event is partnered with the Global Swim Series. The Golden Mile® is identified as the GSS 2021 North American Open Water Mile Championship swim. The goal of the Global Swim Series is to promote the sport of open water swimming worldwide. GSS President Ron Kent commented, “We decided Lucky’s 32nd year anniversary swim was the perfect venue for the American Championship mile swim.”

A few spots are still available; swimmers can sign up here:

Meisenheimer has a vision of increasing participation in open water swimming, leading to healthy living and clean water. “Awarding real gold, silver, bronze to both the overall male and female winners and the overall ‘Swimmer for the Ages’ male and female. No one has awards like this – outside of the Olympics!”

“By swimming this race, you help keep our central Florida lakes clean,” commented Meisenheimer. All proceeds will benefit the Lake Cane Restoration Society. The cause of restoring Lake Cane is an urgent issue as Florida faces the impact of development in its inland lakes, streams, and canals. The 501(c)3 Lake Cane Restoration Society (LCRS ) is an all-volunteer Board dedicated to its mission of keeping Central Florida Lakes “Swimmable, Fishable and Lovable.” Nitrification is a national problem LCRS attempts to solve on a local level using only nature – and neighborhood engagement. “Swim a Mile – Save a Lake,” commented Jay Madigan, LCRS Executive Director. Lake Cane is an 80-acre lake in the northernmost headwaters of the Everglades, one of more than 700 of its kind in Central Florida. The lake is next door to the Universal Theme Parks in Orlando.

Asked why he was making this extraordinary effort to host a race of this stature, Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer explained, “Imagine inspiring swimmers of all age groups, of every range of ability, they’ll see Florida’s nature at her best.” His vision for the swim welcomes one and all. As Lucky’s Lake Swim founder Meisenheimer has hosted friends for swims from his backyard since 1989. Lucky, his wife, and children are accustomed to hundreds of open water swimmers visiting each week. Swimmers worldwide have accepted Lucky’s invitation to what many are now calling Doc Lucky’s Golden Mile. And there are still places left to register – which caps out at 300. The World Open Water Swimming Association ( ) lists Lucky’s Lake Swim in the top 100 swims in the United States.

~Contact:  Lucky Meisenheimer, M.D. (407) 352-2444 and/or Jillian Wilkins, Race Director (407)415-9720


Lucky’s Golden Mile

Open Water Information

Saturday May 29, 2021

Benefitting Lake Cane Restoration Society
Race Distance: One mile.

Entry Fee: NOW $135 – price will increase at the door

*includes breakfast, event shirt and race cap

Maximum Participants: 300 Athletes

Race Start time: 8:00am

Competition Location:  Lucky’s Lake Swim
6645 Lake Cane Drive
Orlando Fl 32819


Water Temperature: 82-83 Degrees F

Length of Course: 1.5K The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reduce the length of the swim, based on medical advice should adverse weather conditions prevail.

Race Number:  will be provided at packet pick up

Use of Wetsuits: Wetsuits are NOT permitted.

Open Water Results:  Will be available after the event on site and will be emailed to all participants after the event has been completed.

Chip and cap pick up: 6:00 – 7:15am

ALL ATHLETES will pick up their cap and chip on site the morning of the race.

 Body Marking: 6:00am-7:15am

ALL ATHLETES must have their race number marked on both arms.  A station will be available for this.

Technical meeting:

A technical meeting for all participants is required and will take place by the dock at 7:00 am EST.  Course and safety information will be reviewed at that time.

Warm ups:

The course will be open for warm up from 7:15 am EST until 7:45 am EST

Start Waves:

Rolling start based on time. Swimmers will be sent off in pairs 5 seconds apart.

Under 20 minutes 8 am EST.  Cut off time is 90 minutes

20-24 minutes

25-29 minutes

30-34 minutes

35 minutes and above


Awards will start at 10:00 am EST.

Age group awards will be awarded to top three athletes in each age group.

< 18, 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100-104, 105-109

Swimmer of the Ages Awards

REAL GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE MEDALS (Yes, they contain twice the amount of gold, silver and bronze medal than an Olympic medal!) will be award to these top athletes.

  1. Top three males
  2. Top three females
  3. Top three males based on established handicap (please see chart for your handicap)
  4. Top three females based on established handicap (please see chart for your handicap)

*all athletes ages are based on your age on the DAY OF THE EVENT (May 29, 2021)

Transport: Athletes will have to provide their own transportation to the event site. 6645 Lake Cane Drive, Orlando Fl 32819 Parking is limited so carpool if you can.

Marshaling Area:  All athletes must be in the marshaling area ½ hour before their allowed wave.  A map showing the course will be clearly visible in this area for all the participants.

Safety: An appropriate safety craft will be provided during the competition.

Changing Area: Competitors must leave their equipment in this area.  The Organizing Committee will provide a bright colored cap for each swimmer. Each swimmer is required to wear this cap.  Thermal caps may NOT be worn.

Support Facilities:  Limited shower and changing facilities will be provided.

Hospitality: Breakfast and water will be provided.