Bob Bowman Shows Social Media Can Be a Beneficial Resource


Bob Bowman Shows Social Media Can Be a Beneficial Resource

Social media certainly has its ups and downs. On occasion, it will highlight events and accomplishments that bring a smile. Other times, it can infuriate and show the dark side of individuals. A key is accepting that social media has a two-sided nature, and it is up to the person surfing along to decide what he/she wants to digest and what he/she prefers to ignore.

From the positive side, Arizona State coach Bob Bowman posted a pair of comments over the past few days that are worth sharing for the perspective and assistance they provide.

In one instance, Bowman used social media to refute a statement that a particular drill should “always” be done a specific way. Bowman pointed out that he prefers to not use the terms “always” and “never,” but likes to take a binary approach in which “sometimes” is the term best utilized. By using “sometimes,” one does not lock himself/herself into a scenario and allows for flexibility.

There was a time a few years back in which Swimming World ran a feature in which the headline included something along the lines of: “why you should always use stretch cords.” Bowman pointed out the use of the word “always” as not helpful, because stretch cords might not have been a good fit for a specific athlete, or two or …., you get the point.


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Additionally this weekend, Bowman took time on social media to respond to a Twitter post by @SwimmingStats that showed the 10-fastest closing splits in the history of the men’s 100 freestyle. In the Tweet, @SwimmingStats pointed out that eight of the fastest splits were delivered by Australians. It was the latest in a long line of excellent statistical notes provided by @SwimmingStats, and after reading the Tweet, Bowman provided additional context.

“The Australians train for the back half. Here, there is a fascination with initial speed and general distain for even specific ‘endurance’ work. It’s the speed in the last 15 meters that matters.”

No, not everyone is going to agree with Bowman, nor do they have to. But the coach took the time to assess the statistic provided, provide a reason for Australia’s strength in the area and pointed out his perception of why only Michael Phelps, Bowman’s longtime protégé, was the lone American on the list.

Yes, sometimes social media can be enlightening.