Big Ten Conference Finalizes Spring Semester Dual Meet Schedule

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The Big Ten Conference has finalized its swimming and diving dual meet schedule for the 2021 spring semester, in an email obtained by Swimming World, with each team participating three sets of tri-meets across the three weekends of January 15 & 16, January 22 & 23, and February 5 & 6.

January 15-16

  • Michigan, Northwestern at Indiana
  • Wisconsin, Nebraska at Iowa
  • Penn State, Rutgers at Ohio State
  • Michigan State, Illinois at Purdue

January 22-23

  • Ohio State at Indiana
  • Michigan State, Rutgers at Michigan
  • Iowa, Penn State at Northwestern
  • Minnesota, Purdue at Wisconsin
  • Illinois at Nebraska

February 5-6

  • Ohio State at Michigan
  • Iowa, Nebraska at Minnesota
  • Michigan State at Penn State
  • Indiana, Rutgers at Purdue
  • Northwestern, Illinois at Wisconsin

There is still no word on if the NCAA championships will proceed as scheduled in March, and whether conference championships will be affected because of this. The Missouri Valley Conference has indicated they will hold a conference championship meet in April, which would likely leave those swimmers out of contention to make NCAAs. Currently, there is no public plan for a Big Ten Conference swimming and diving championship meet. Right now, the Southeastern Conference is scheduled for February 16-20, 2021 at the University of Missouri, although that is likely to change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected college sports this school year. According to The New York Times, around three million Americans have been vaccinated for COVID-19, although over 200,000 Americans tested positive for COVID-19 on December 31, not far off the country’s daily high of 280,514 on December 11.


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    What is supposed to change about the SEC meet? 2 locations?

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    I’m curious….does everyone still think the Olympics are going to happen this Summer? I ask because I hear people talking like they think people stopped getting sick and it’s okay to live like there is not an ongoing pandemic.

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    The SEC has split their championship. Women are Feb 16-20 at Georgia with men Feb 23-26 at Missouri. Diving at Missouri during women’s dates.

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    And the east coast is sitting here going, umm, we haven’t even had team practices yet…

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