Attention all High Schoolers

PHOENIX, Ariz. December, 19. IT'S not too late to send in entries for the National One Hour High School Postal Swimming Championships. The deadline has been extended to January 15th.

In case you've forgotten here is the challenge. The objective of this event is to see which male and female high school swimmer can swim the greatest distance in one hour. The one hour swim can be completed in any swimming pool 25 yards or longer. The person declaring the farthest will be awarded first place, the person declaring the second farthest will be awarded second place, etc. If two or more swimmers complete the same distance, a tie will be declared.

Rankings will be categorized nationally, by state, and by a participant’s high school athletic conference. When all entries are tabulated, a press release will then be sent to each participant’s local daily newspaper, as identified by the participant on the official entry form, recognizing that performance. Cost participation in this event is $10. If there are at least three people swimming from the same high school, then those results will be tabulated in a relay division for a cost of $15 per relay team entered.

For more information about the 2005-06 National One Hour High School Postal Swimming Championships contact Coach Rick Bober, American Hebrew Academy,, 336-217-7066.

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