Arena Pro Swim Series Replaces Grand Prix Brand


COLORADO SPRINGS – As part of an overall championship event rebranding announced earlier today, USA Swimming also partnered with Arena to rebrand the Arena Grand Prix as the Arena Pro Swim Series.

In an effort to make the event even more mainstream, USA Swimming and Arena decided to call their premier professional swimming series exactly what it is – the Pro Swim Series.

USA Swimming isn’t wasting any time as the rebranding takes effect next week in Austin from Jan. 15-17. USA Swimming also worked closely with the NCAA to assure that amateurs would be able to continue to compete in a “pro” series as they have under the Grand Prix banner.

“Using the Arena Pro Swim Series name makes it immediately recognizable to fans and media that our sport’s absolute best athletes are racing in the hometowns of swimmers and sports fans,” USA Swimming National Team Director Frank Busch said. “At the same time, anyone who posts a qualifying time is eligible, just as it has been, so it creates a unique opportunity for high school and collegiate swimmers to challenge themselves against top competition. In many ways, it’s like playing in the same game as LeBron James or a Tour event with Tiger Woods.”

Arena also is happy with the change as it moves the Arena brand even closer to mainstream athletics as part of a “pro” branded event, and away from being confused with an auto racing “grand prix” branded event.

“As a company wholly committed to the sport of swimming, Arena is proud to again present fans across the nation with the opportunity to see the best swimmers in the world, right in their hometowns,” said Vice President and General Manager of Arena North America Tim McCool. “The rebranding efforts around the Arena Pro Swim Series seek to reinforce that message, and grow the sport of swimming at the grassroots and elite levels.”

According to USA Swimming, the logos were designed by Minneapolis, Minnesota, advertising agency Colle+McVoy, in conjunction with a working group of USA Swimming staff members. Early versions of the logos were examined by focus groups at the 2014 Junior Pan Pacific Championships and at various USA Swimming clubs in Colorado.

Arena Pro Swim Series Logos

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7 years ago

Cant wait for the next event!!