Andrea Vergani Suspended After Testing Positive For Cannabis

Vergani on the right. Photo Courtesy: Giorgio Scala/ Deepbluemedia /Insidefoto

Andrea Vergani, an Italian swimmer who has posted the world’s best time in the men’s 50-meter freestyle this year has been provisionally suspended after testing positive for cannabis, according to multiple news outlets.

Vergani risks a ban of up to six months which could keep him out of the world championships in Gwangju, South Korea, in July.

Nado Italia, the country’s anti-doping body, says Vergani failed a test taken April 2 during the national championships in Riccione, The Associated Press reported.

That was the same meet in which he won the 50 free in 21.53 seconds — two hundredths faster than Vladimir Morozov‘s time at the Russian national championships.

Vergani also won bronze medals in the 50 free at the European Championships and as part of Italy’s 4×50 free relay at the short-course worlds — both last year.

Here is a recap of his performance at the Italian championships:

Men’s 50 Free

Andrea Vergani (21.92) redefined the sprint game, finishing out the morning with a sub-22 lap then won with a 21.53. He was not alone, however, as Lorenzo Zazzeri followed close behind, battling to the second place finish with a time of 22.20, just 0.03 faster than his third-place opponent, Luza Dotto (22.23). Federico Bocchia let them get away at the end, but turned an impressive time nevertheless, swimming to a 22.31 finish to barely edge out Santo Yuko Condorelli (22.36). Leonardo Deplano stayed with the pack in a loaded field, turning in a 22.47 ahead of Alessandro Miressi (22.47) and Piero Codia (22.60).

Men’s 50 Fly

The men had a one-lapper of their own, as Piero Codia swam to a 23.58 winning finish ahead of Daniele D’Angelo (23.82). Matteo Rivolta shared his top-three time with Andrea Vergani, as both men ended with a 24.12, bumping Lorenzo Gargani (24.14) to fourth. Leonardo Vimercati finished to the wall with a time of 24.17, imperceptibly ahead of Santo Yukio Condorelli (24.18). Devid Zorzetto rounded out the top eight with a 24.26.



  1. Laura M Wanco

    Big wooo….makes him slower? Or keeps him calm…

  2. Esra Koni

    Das ist ungerecht, er brauchte den Cannabis wahrscheinlich, wenn das legal ist, warum darf man das nicht einnehmen?

    • Rolf Linse

      Esra Koni Weil es seit 1999 auf der Liste der verbotenen Substanzen der WADA steht. Das Verbot gilt allerdings nur für den Wettkampf, bei Trainingskontrollen wird nicht darauf getestet.

    • Esra Koni

      Rolf Linse danke für die Information.

  3. avatar

    Hey dude, where’s my lane?

    • avatar

      While I don’t believe it should be illegal even though WADA has come up with a way to make it an EPO. Read their reasoning. Your exact quote would be…

      “Anyone taking performance enhancers should be banned. Life is not fair but rules are for everyone just don’t juice up. Accidentally, right.”

      So are rules for everyone or not?? I personally don’t believe the guy is a cheater however according to you in an other post “rules are for everyone”

      You can’t pick and choose what rules to follow.

  4. Mike McHenry

    But alcohol would be OK? Gotcha…?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

    • Jonathan Kopelev

      Oren Malka צריך לתייג גם את מירון!

    • Rolf Linse

      Ann Belew O’Brien It might be legal in some countries, but it’s not allowed in competition. Since 1999, it’s included in the prohibited list of the WADA.

    • Tony Bradley

      Rolf Linse that list needs to be updated, stat! It’s silly to be associated with performance enhancing drugs.

  5. Stephen Chalmers

    Testing athletes for THC is one of the dumbest things in sports.

  6. David Moreno

    That is just stupid. Marijuana does helps with inflammation after workout but it should not be illegal. Swimming rules need to change to fit modern times.

  7. avatar

    Swimming needs to modernize their rules for marijuana. It should never be in the ban list.

  8. John Ian Bobbitt

    Ok. So they have proof that in the last 30-90 days he did something that’s no longer illegal…. problem? If he ran through the streets naked and kicked the crap out some kids, nobody would care if he was on alcohol. Saying “drugs….and alcohol” is like saying “dogs…and rotwiellers”.

    Guy administering the tests hands are shaking so bad cuz he hasn’t had a drink in an hour, he slopped some of the Jamaican teams pee into his cup… just saying

  9. Maria Q Ernandes

    Cannabis is like a church girls going wild one night .
    The reputation is so bad after doing so much good.
    About kids or adults who been cure cancer, autism epilepsy, and so much more.

  10. Tony Bradley

    When the comments all make sense, but the OTC acts like old grandparents, getting their cannibus information from “Reefer Madness”?????❤️??

  11. Should be more tests done in SA, scary whats going on in the swimming world! But testing is NOWHERE!!!

  12. Mary Frawley

    Not really a performance enhancing drug…

  13. Rene V Niekerk

    Cannabis is banned for its anti inflammatory benefits and is only banned IN Competition.If you on the WADA list you are tested on a very regular basis outside of competition

    • Rene V Niekerk agreed indeed Cannabis works wonders for many conditions, the misuse is where the problem comes in and those that are NOT on that WADA list is where the big problem comes in! And it’s not only Cannabis but other forms of medication, a big one that gets misused is our asthma pumps!

    • Rene V Niekerk

      Chantelle Grobler Breytenbach ,yes those asma pumps are popular.The real deal is all those meds used during training!!tests are very expensive though.But in the end the true champions who had to rely on skill and training will pull through to gold and for them so rewarding knowing they deserve it!

    • Rene V Niekerk

      Chantelle Grobler Breytenbach vasbyt!!skryf julle eie storie,met tyd raak die kaf weg!

  14. Heather Chait Roque

    Don’t agree that THC should be on the banned substance list. However since it is on the list, athletes should not indulge during competition.

  15. Leslie Medley

    So glad they’re getting weed out of swimming. Maybe the kids will swim faster now.