Amnis Stream Bluetooth Underwater Headphones by FINIS


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FINIS, Inc., the worldwide leader in technical swim products, is launching their newest bone conduction underwater Bluetooth® headphones, The Amnis Stream. You can now enjoy Apple Music, Spotify, Audible, podcasts and other apps while you swim.

FINIS launched its first bone conduction music player for swimming in 2006.  This required users to download music from a CD and convert the files to MP3 format.


Openwater swimming with Amnis Stream Photo Courtesy: Rob Carter

“Today most people keep their music and find new music from their phones so we needed a way to get this music into the pool.  While streaming is not possible underwater, the smartwatch allows a user to cache music, books or podcasts for listening offline and it is now possible to take this to the pool.  I personally love swimming with music and changing a playlist has never been easier.” says FINIS Founder, John Mix.

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To use The Amnis Stream you need to own a waterproof smartwatch and subscribe to a service which allows you to listen to the App offline.  Apple Watch users can listen to Apple Music, Garmin has a spotify interface, fitbit, Samsung and others offer this capability.

The Amnis Stream includes a watch clip for Apple and Garmin watches.  The wrist bands are removed so the watch can sit on the headphones clip allowing bluetooth connection to the headphones while swimming.  For other smartwatches including Apple or Garmin, the watch can also be removed from the band and placed under the swimcap, as long as the proximity of the watch to the headphones is within 5 cm, the audio is interference free.

The Amnis Stream is available for $199.99.

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Swimming with Amnis Stream headphones Photo Courtesy: FINIS

 What are the early adopters saying?

 “Listening to the Amnis Stream takes the boredom out of swimming.”

– David Beittel, adult fitness swimmer


“Without it, I really lose my momentum.”

– Melodee Nugent, open water swimmer, who logged 178 miles wearing Amnis Stream


“The sound is clear and uninterrupted, allowing me to choose any podcast, audiobook or playlist.  I swim five days per week and the Stream is a game changer for the enjoyment of my workouts!”

– Diana Fongheiser in a review on

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