Adam Peaty to Swim in Energy For Swim Meet Despite Threat of Suspension

adam peaty
Photo Courtesy: SIPA USA

Adam Peaty faces a threat of suspension by FINA for participating in the Energy for Swim event in Turin next month.

The Olympic champion from Great Britain chose to skip the FINA short course world championships in China next month. Instead he committed to race in the non-sanctioned event in December.

He is one of several elite swimmers around the world that are aiming to participate in the ISL event under a threat of suspension by FINA, including Duncan Scott and Ben Proud of Great Britain. Multiple swimmers had already confirmed they would swim in the meet, like Tom ShieldsEmily Seebohm and Sarah Sjostrom.

Peaty posted on social media that he signed on for the Energy for Swim meet in Turin this weekend.

FINA has stated outside events must seek approval six months in advance and that anyone competing next month could face a subsequent ban.

But Peaty, 23, told the BBC: “I believe in the concept, it’s what the sport needs. I’m looking forward to racing in Turin. I want to show my support.”

Officials of the International Swim League have said they attempted to gain approval, but FINA refused to acknowledge their bid as the new event would be a rival to their own World Cup series.


  1. Jon Farthing

    They should be able to compete where they want surely? Besides, the pasta will be better in Turin

  2. Donna Pim

    Got to go where they feel the competition is stronger that’s competitive sports

  3. Clare Higgins

    Suspension from what?! Crazy. FINA surely don’t own them….

  4. avatar
    Rich Davis

    Suspension for what? Not swimming where FINA tells them to! FINA is the governing body of swimming, not swimmers. This is surly an ethical breach by an out of touch body trying desperately to hang on to total control of the athletes and how they make their livings.

  5. Paul Robbins

    FINA are petrified that athletes will take control of their own sport. The swimmers need more say in the sport. Well done Adam, Ben and a Duncan!

  6. avatar
    Matt Tutton

    Well done Adam, Ben, Duncan, and any other swimmers who have chosen to race elsewhere. Sometimes I wonder who the hell they think they are (Fina).