7 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special With Your Team

Valentine's Day

7 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special With Your Team

By Gigi Picard, Swimming World College Intern

February 14, aka Valentine’s Day, is right around the blocks. It is such a delicious holiday: the only way most of us can justify sneaking a chocolate fix midseason.

While Valentine’s Day celebrates romantic love between significant others showered with flowers and ice cream, it also honors love connections between family and friends. After all, sweet is good for all of us!

So who says you can’t bring Valentine’s Day onto the deck with your swim and dive family? Personally, I’m gearing up for a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration Friday practice with my pink cap, goggles with a red bungee cord, and ruby red water bottle. 

If you’re looking for some ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on deck, I have some tips and tricks for you and your team. 

Customize Your Mask

It is the first Valentine’s Day with official COVID-19 protocols, including mandatory mask wearing at practices and competitions. Instead of frowning behind a dismal face covering, simply buy or decorate one or more of your masks with some red hearts and singing cupids and spread a smile. Just liven up the deck with a little fun and a little love!

Be a Secret Valentine

Who doesn’t love a super secret Valentine? To give someone on the team a fun surprise with just a little innocent mystery, slip something sweet – maybe swimmer-shaped (dark) chocolate or candy hearts with a tiny Happy Valentine’s Day note on top – into random swimmer bags. Then stand back and enjoy the fun!

Valentine’s Day Cards

Ah, yes, the traditional Valentine’s missive. No matter your level of artistic talent, I recommend making swim-themed cards for all your teammates, headlined by silly invitations like “Will you be my swimming-tine” and perhaps adorned by waves and mini hearts. The cornier the better, I say. St. Valentine would approve. PS – I also know that there are sites that can produce Valentine’s Day ecards.

Show off a Stylish Red Suit

Perhaps this year in particular, as many swim teams are finally diving back into the pool, it seems truly fitting to break out a patterned bright red or deep blush pink suit to mark the Valentine occasion. Those Valentine’s Day colors should really get the heart rates pumping in the pool for those intense kick or IM sets. 

Host a Valentine’s Movie Night

Popular platforms like Teleparty and Zoom allow for teammates to bond by watching rom-com movies or movies like The Greatest Showman or Step Brothers. Of course good group viewing doesn’t have to include an actual movie. The team could also come together to watch reruns of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (these shows can get addicting, especially when there’s a league bracket involved). On Valentine’s Day, it’s just all about connection and fun!

Virtual Game Day or Night

This is a perfect team bonding experience as well because games can bring out competitiveness, hilarity and happy memories. Some team games I recommend are Among Us, Jackbox Games, skribbl, Kahoot, Jeopardy and others. You may have favorites of your own. The key is to get the heart racing, and what better way than with a game.

A Quick Zoom, Facetime, Call or Text

Most of us are addicted to our phones, which makes this by far one of the simplest ways to connect and be thoughtful on Valentine’s Day. Just send out a quick “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message with an emoji or GIF to your family, friends, teammates – or maybe even shoot your shot with your crush. Just remember, no one should ever feel alone on Valentine’s Day!

So that’s my top-of-mind list. I highly recommend celebrating Valentine’s Day with your team, and I hope these suggestions will spark some ideas of your own!

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