7 Ways to Prep for Championships

By Allison Peters, Swimming World College Intern

As the majority of swimmer’s seasons are coming to a close, it’s important to put the cherry on top of those grueling five months of training.

Here are seven ways to prep for championships to insure you are in the best position going into your first race at the big dance.

1. Get on a good sleep schedule.


At least two weeks prior to your championships you should start going to bed earlier. Going to bed at 2 a.m. every night and then the night before trying to fall asleep at 9 p.m. won’t work and you may even wake up feeling more tired. Also make sure you’re not sleeping until noon. If your meet will start at 9 a.m., try waking up around the time you’ll need to at the meet. This way, you’re used to it and not yawning when the official says, “Take your mark.”

2. Watch what you eat.


Gaining a couple pounds during taper isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but try avoiding it at ALL costs. When we’re in season, we tend to eat anything and everything that comes across our paths. Once the yardage starts to come down, it’s important to skip that second dessert and try cutting down on carbs (pasta, bread). Stock up on protein instead (eggs, chicken, steak)!

3. DON’T do any strenuous activities.

Photo Courtesy: Ariel Rios Bldg, Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy: Ariel Rios Bldg, Wikipedia

It’s important that your reserve as much energy as you possibly can. Avoid taking the stairs or walking around the mall. Especially avoid going sledding if you’re hit with the next #blizzardof2015. Not a good time to get hurt!

4. Be careful what you wear.

Photo Courtesy: Nikolay Dikiy, Wikimedia Commons

Stay bundled up in warm clothes! It would be devastating to get sick before championships (look at how sickness affected Katie Hoff during the 2012 Olympic trials).

5. DON’T jump into any new extracurricular activities.

Photo Courtesy: CollegeDegrees360

Let’s say you’ve always wanted to join the biology club. The biology club has meetings every day after school and they give you a fun three hours of homework to do every night. Taper is NOT the time to join the biology club. Don’t lose any more of your limited napping time.

6. Save up for your new tech suit.


Skip buying that third Auntie Anne’s pretzel and get ready to gear up! As we all know, tech suits are not cheap. A lot of college teams get discounts from brands when you buy suits in bulk! Talk to your coach and teammates and see what you guys can work out.

7. Trust your training.

Photo Courtesy: Cliff1066 via Flickr

Photo Courtesy: Cliff1066 via Flickr

You’re almost there! All the months of dryland training and morning practices are going to pay off soon. Listen to what your coaches tell you and trust all the hard work you’ve done.


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