7 Talents That Swimmers Automatically Possess


7 Talents That Swimmers Automatically Possess

The sport of swimming is like an onion. It has a lot of layers. Many skills go into making a whole swim race: Start. Stroke. Turns. Finish. Swimmers, then, are versatile – but not just in the pool. So, if you have swimming as a credential, you automatically have other credentials as well. Let’s see what other talents you possess if you’re a swimmer.

Holding Your Breath For An Unhealthy Amount of Time

If you haven’t had a coach yell at you for breathing during practice at least once in your career, you’re either lying or have gills. Learning to hold your breath is a right of passage in swimming, and a necessary skill to develop, so it’s a talent you’ll possess both in and out of the pool.

Styling Wet Hair

Whether you’ve got long hair and mastered the shapely swimmer’s bun to keep the wet hair from dripping down your neck, or you’ve got a shorter cut and have perfected the wet hair flip that dries with maximum volume and flow, it’s almost like this talent is a prerequisite for becoming a swimmer. After all, your hair will be wet 90% of the time.

Coordinating Swim T-Shirts With Swim Sweats

When we’re not in bathing suits, we’re probably found in sweatpants and t-shirts that announce equally as loud as our dry hair and chlorine musk that we’re swimmers. It takes a special eye to match just the right shade of gray in the sweatpants with a t-shirt that provides balance and finesse.

Finding Shirts With Extra Space In The Shoulders

Speaking of clothes, there’s no mark of identification for swimmers like our broad shoulders. This means finding stylish tops for every occasion that won’t make you feel one second away from Hulking and ripping it in half if you move the wrong way. Forget being a talent. This is a method of survival as a swimmer.

Falling Everywhere On Land

There’s a reason we chose to swim instead of playing soccer, or running. Most of us completely lack “land coordination.” Rather than view it as a negative thing, it’s a talent how bad swimmers are at completing the most basic tasks on land, such as walking up the stairs or running a mile.

Forgetting Intervals That Were Just Told To You

Things move so fast in a practice, that it’s almost impossible to catch everything your coach is yelling. Between the fast pace of sets and your ears filling and refilling with water, it’s no surprise that you occasionally miss when you’re leaving.

Forgetting What Lap You’re On

Clearly, numbers might not be the strongest school subject for swimmers, because it’s really easy when you’re riding that black line during a distance set to let your mind drift off to a dry, happy place. You might event sing your favorite song and automatically forget your lap count. Truly, it’s a talent.

These talents don’t make us lesser. Rather, they contribute more to our uniqueness and can be added to the growing list of everything that this sport gives back to us. The most important thing to take away from here: Swimmers are talented folks.

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Ed March
Ed March
1 year ago

The last two for sure!

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