7 Mother’s Day Gifts Perfect for Swim Moms


7 Mother’s Day Gifts Perfect for Swim Moms

By Gigi Picard, Swimming World College Intern

Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday! Every year, families dash to get brunch reservations and flowers for the special woman in their lives. But have you ever really thought about what to get a swim mom? She deserves something extra special for cheering you on in the roaring stands, taking time out of her day to drive you to practice and sacrificing sleep for morning meets. If you think about it, we are in countdown to the Olympics as well. So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day and the Olympics, here are some gift suggestions that oughta make your Swim Mom smile. 

Olympic Card

Let’s start off easy with the classic Mother’s Day card. Of course you can go into a store and pick out a cheesy card saying best mom ever and sign your name on the inside with a little heart. Instead, I recommend making a custom card saying something like “Happy Mother’s Day to My Gold Medal Mom!” You might also think about sliding in some Olympic Rings temporary tattoos, too. 

Swim Bling

You can go in many different directions with jewelry, and it is very important to pick the right piece of jewelry because moms can be very picky. Some suggestions include Olympic Rings earrings, a sparkling gold medal necklace or even an Olympic Rings ring. The jewelry will come in a wide variety of styles and colors, especially since the Olympic Rings are red, yellow, green, blue and black. 

Pool Puzzle

Mother's Day

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Puzzles became extremely popular over quarantine. I know I spent significant hours doing difficult puzzles with my mom. You may choose to go and find a simple 250 piece swimming themed puzzle consisting of a swimmer in a pool surrounded by lane lines or be bold with a custom 1,000 piece puzzle. It could be Olympic-themed of the international swimmers lined up behind the blocks for the final heat of an event. 

Personalized Swim Cap

For those of you who have moms who are active in the water, order a black personalized silicone Olympic cap with her last name on it with the Olympic Rings above it. It’ll make her feel like one of the Olympians in the finals getting ready to race Katie Ledecky in the 1500 meter freestyle. For those who don’t have a lap swimming mom, you can always purchase the cap and frame it. 

Team Mom Jacket

Mothers always need new clothes to look stylish and athletic (ex. pants with pockets). For every Olympics, specifically in the United States, when the Olympians represent their country, they wear specialized Team USA jackets. For Mother’s Day, why not switch it up and get Team Mom jackets (in her favorite color) for the whole family? It’ll be fun to see the family pose for photos wearing green jackets with MOM on the front and back. 

Hydration Station

It’s super duper cheesy to get a #1 Mom mug. Rather, mix it up and get her a simple teal blue water bottle for her workouts or just to hydrate in general with “Best Swim Mom” or “Go Mom Go” written down the side. It’s the most suitable for a swimming mom lifestyle. If a water bottle won’t do, you can always go for the mug painted with some goggles and fins as decorations. 

Mom-Freshment Day

Every swimming mom just needs a day off even during the “offseason.” After all of the hard work she puts in to make sure her child(ren) can pursue their passion of swimming, your mom deserves some peace and quiet. Pick up a couple gift cards, lotions, candles, face masks, milk chocolate medals, bath bombs and whatever comforting thing you can find to help your mother relax. 

Have a great Mother’s Day everybody!

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