6 Common Characteristics That Swimmers Share


6 Common Characteristics That Swimmers Share

Swimmers stand out for the traits they possess. They have fundamental ideals of persistence and determination that help them succeed in the sport. Here are six qualities that are common among swimmers.

1) Perseverance

Swimming is by far one of the most challenging sports because of its mental and physical demands. Pushing through some of the hardest days when they are gasping for air is quite common for swimmers. They have an ability to battle and work through difficult situations, especially when a set or race does not go their way. Some of the best motivation that swimmers get each day is being able to do what they love with their friends.

2) Accountability

Waking up early in the morning to jump into a pool about 8-10 times a week can often be difficult. The season might seem long and never ending and it is hard to muster up motivation on some days. Holding yourself and your teammates accountable is important because everyone is there to push each other. Committing to practice and showing up because you want to is by far one of the most important things you can do.

3) Impeccable Math Skills (In Some Cases)

An important skill for swimmers is knowing how much rest time they get in a hard set. Calculating times off the top of their head at the beginning of a set is one of their main tasks in every practice. Also, if you ever need someone to do quick multiplication like 25×20=500 or 8×25=200, swimmers are the option to go. Over the years, these facts have unintentionally been committed to our brains.

4) Never Ending Hunger

The term “bottomless pit” can definitely be applied in this case. Swimmers are like a vacuum, constantly eating to fuel their bodies. Don’t be surprised if you see a swimmer down three bowls of pasta in one sitting. It is entirely possible, and quite the norm for regular swimmers.

5) Constantly Tired

These athletes are the type of people who will drag themselves out of bed at 4 am to jump into a freezing cold pool. But once practice is over, their energy will slowly start to drop throughout the day. By the time they reach lunch time, all they can think about is when their head will hit the pillow.

6) Goggles Hoarder

Over a club team career, swimmers are likely to go through countless pairs of goggles. These include the ones that are bought and those thrown under the bleachers at a meet that are just too nice to leave behind. Soon enough, their bags are overflowing with goggles and they just can’t bear to part with of any of them.

All swimmers are different, but many share these qualities. Regardless if it’s an Olympian or a club team swimmer, swimmers will always do whatever they can to succeed in the sport.

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