5 Clinic Videos For Swim Coaches to Watch

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PHOENIX – Every year, plenty of great swim clinics for coaches are conducted throughout the world.  One of the frequent attendees is regular Swimming World Magazine contributor Dr. Rod Havriluk. In this article he shares a few videos for the coaching community.  One of these five clinic videos includes a full-length presentation by Dr. Havriluk on injury prevention.

FINA Swim Coaches Golden Clinic 2014

Skill Acquisition and Injury Prevention – Rod Havriluk (USA)

FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic 2014

Rod Havriluk (USA) – Skill Acquisition and Injury Prevention:

The technique elements that optimise performance are consistent with preventing injury. Unfortunately, most swimmers (over 95%) have harmful technique elements that stress their shoulders and also limit their performance.

Fortunately, there are ‘deliberate practice’ strategies that can help swimmers master the skills that optimise performance and minimise shoulder stress. Research shows that deliberate practice strategies also accelerate the skill-learning process.

Deliberate practice strategies for swimming include: precise wording of specific cues; skill-isolation drills; short-distance swims at a slow rate; continual focus on select cues; reinforcement of positive technique elements; feedback about limiting factors; classroom and poolside instruction and analysis; solo practice with and without a coach; task designed to maintain focus in the cognitive and associative learning stages; and replication of superior performance.

This presentation will include examples of deliberate practice strategies with an emphasis on technique adjustments to prevent shoulder injuries.

International Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic 2014

Swim Racing Biomechanics – Rod Havriluk (USA)

An excerpt from bio mechanist, Rod Havriluk’s presentation on Swim Racing Biomechanics at the 2014 International Swim Coaches Association (ISCA) Coaches Clinic in which he stresses the need for quantitative analysis to improve swim performance.

Mental Prep for Swim Racing

Mental Prep for Swim Racing is a Sport Psychology mental training program which prepares the swimmer for race day competition. It has two components:

1. The Swim Racing Mental Training Program (Multimedia) – an audio-guided, video-enhanced mental training exercise that is the core element of Mental Prep for Swim Racing. It is based on “Zone” theory, and incorporates intensity control, concentration, self-talk, and imagery.

2. The Mental Prep for Swim Racing Guide Book (pdf) – which describes the theory and methods used in constructing the Mental Training Program . It includes a Swim Racing Tutorial and the Script of the Swim Racing Mental Training Program.

Intensity Swim Training – Dr. Sergei Beliaev

Highlights from Dr. Sergei Beliaev’s presentation on Intensity Training delivered at the International Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic 2014. More from Dr. Beliaev can be found on the Swim ISCA Sport Science webpage.

ISCA Coaches Clinic Feedback

Candid remarks from attendees and presenters at the International Swim Coaches Association Hall of Fame Coaches Clinic 2014


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