21 Common Pre-Race Rituals That Swimmers Utilize

Ryan Murphy

21 Common Pre-Race Rituals That Swimmers Utilize

Rituals before a race help swimmers mentally get ready for the action ahead, and can put them in the best state of mind to achieve their best. Some rituals including visualization, listening to certain songs, or doing stretches or exercises to warm up. Additionally, many swimmers go through specific activities before each race to help them concentrate and calm their anxiety. In an otherwise stressful and unpredictable situation, these rituals can give people a feeling of security and familiarity. Overall, pre-race rituals can give swimmers the confidence they need to compete at their best.

Here are some pre-race rituals that might help:

1. Stretching
2. Get a manicure or pedicure
3. Wear specific jewelry
4. Eat a specific breakfast
5. Eat the same snacks at a meet
6. Wear specific clothing at the meet
7. Jump around
8. Listen to certain songs
9. Specific order of pre-race routine
10. Same warmup
11. Same cooldown
12. Lucky swim equipment
13. Wear two caps
14. Foam roll
15. Splash yourself with water
16. Arrive behind the blocks right before your event
17. Arrive behind the blocks with a lot of time before your event
18. Keep to yourself and focus
19. Support your teammates
20. Discuss pre-race strategy with coaches
21. Visualize your races

The purpose of pre-race rituals for swimmers is to also prepare their bodies physically. Swimming is a very technical sport that requires much focus and strength. Swimmers often do specific warmup exercises to prepare their muscles for the race. This may include stretching, gentle exercise, or even a few laps in the pool. By doing these things before a race, swimmers can ensure their bodies are ready to produce. These rituals also help swimmers get into their racing rhythm and get ready for a solid start to their event.

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Ashley C
8 months ago

Mine were 1,9,10, & 17!