2020 MAC Men’s Swimming Championship Day 3: Team Battle Now Only Between Miami and Missouri

Photo courtesy of Mid-American Conference

On night 3 of the Mid-American men’s swimming championship, Missouri and Miami are the two contenders for the team title. Last night, Missouri swept many events to score big points for the race. Tonight, Miami looks to bridge that gap as much as possible in a tough field. Contested events include the following: 200 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 100 Breaststroke, 100 Butterfly, 400 IM and 400 Medley relay

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 200 Freestyle

Missouri had another strong showing, this time in the 200 Freestyle by going 1-2. Arthur Cury won outright in a time of 1:36.71 and was the only one under the 1:37 mark. His teammate, Pawel Krawczyk took second in 1:37.29. Gordon Wheeler of Miami took third a little further back from Krawczyk in 1:38.17.

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 100 Breaststroke

Once again, Missouri had a strong showing by going 1-2 but in the 100 Breaststroke this time. Michael Hampei took the win in 54.55 followed by his teammate, Connor Funke, with a 54.73. Third, and just behind Funke from Miami was Noah Barr with a 54.77.

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 100 Backstroke

This time, Southern Illinois got a chance on the podium Adam Cernek winning the 100 Backstroke in 47.69. He kept a decent distance from the rest of the field as the only swimmer to break 48 seconds. Cole Grosshans from Missouri took second in 48.32 and Jared Holder of Ball State was third in 48.58.

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 100 Butterfly

Spencer Klinsky from Miami University (Ohio) won the 100 Butterfly with a strong showing of 48.45, though he did gain time from his prelims swim. Coming closely behind was Tamas Hajtman from Southern Illinois in 48.53. Jake Schultz from Missouri took third in 48.70. Though he wasn’t in the A-final, Credence Pattinson from the University of Evansville dropped a 48.54 to win the B-final, which would have placed him third in the A.

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 400 IM

Missouri went 1-2 in the 400 IM with Antonio Thomas (3:52.13) and Tyler Lewis (3:54.97) crushing the field. Meanwhile, James McGuire from Miami took third with 3:56.95.

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Mid-American Conference Men’s Swimming Championship: 400 Medley Relay

In the last swimming event of the night, Missouri continued their dominance by winning the 400 Medley relay. Connor Ripp (48.87), Michael Hampei (53.96), Jake Schultz (48.50) and Arthur Cury (44.01) took the win, putting up 3:15.34. Miami followed close behind in 3:15.85 and Southern Illinois took third with a 3:16.74.

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Team Standings

At the end of the session, Missouri continues to build their lead over Miami with a strong session. They swept almost every event tonight, scoring big points for a total of 607. Miami is behind by 80 points with 527. Southern Illinois, with a score of 370, is no longer lurking behind Miami, leaving the team race pretty much between Miami and Missouri.

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