2019 TYR Pro Swim Series Richmond: Michael Andrew Posts 1:57 200 IM on Final Night of Meet (RACE VIDEOS)

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The final night of the 2019 TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond featured ten total finals with the likes of Katie LedeckyOlivia SmoligaSimone ManuelCaeleb Dressel and Michael Andrew in action. Andrew was the swimmer of the night as he swam a 1:57.49 in the 200 IM for the fourth fastest time in the world for 2019. Andrew took down Chase Kalisz in the process, who has been the umber one IM’er in the world the last two years.

Anton Ipsen also swam an impressive time as he lowered his personal best in the 1500 with a 14:57. Madisyn Cox had a season best time in the 200 IM and Alia Atkinson also broke into the top eight in the world in the 50 breast.

Women’s 1500 Free

With no Katie Ledecky or Leah Smith in the field, NC State grad Hannah Moore won the 1500 free timed final on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond, Virginia with a 16:13.72. Moore was in a race early on with 33-year-old Kristel Kobrich (16:20.96) but pulled away as the race went on. Those two were well ahead of the rest of the field as 17-year-old Madelyn Donohoe (16:30.19) was fourth overall and third in the timed final.

Purdue grad Kaersten Meitz was third place after swimming a 16:29.52 earlier during the day. The 1500 was a timed final event and Meitz placed third without swimming tonight.

16-year-old Olivia McMurray (16:35.47) of Florida placed fifth ahead of the Clovis duo Claire Tuggle (16:55.82) and Averee Preble (16:56.76). New Zealand’s Hayley McIntosh (17:07.30) placed eighth overall.


  1. Hannah Moore, USA, 16:13.72
  2. Kristel Kobrich, CHI, 16:20.96
  3. Kaersten Meitz, USA, 16:29.52
  4. Madelyn Donohoe, USA, 16:30.19
  5. Olivia McMurray, USA, 16:35.47
  6. Claire Tuggle, USA, 16:55.82
  7. Averee Preble, USA, 16:56.76
  8. Hayley McIntosh, NZL, 17:07.30

Men’s 1500 Free

Similar to Hannah Moore in the women’s 1500, NC State grad Anton Ipsen absolutely crushed the field in the men’s 1500 field on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond. Ipsen was able to get under 15:00 with a 14:57.15 which is a new personal best, lowering his 14:58.09 best time. Ipsen represents Denmark internationally and picked up sixth win this year at the TYR Pro Swim Series. Ipsen has won all of the 1500 frees at the TYR Pro Swim Series in 2019.

Ipsen is now 8th in the world rankings for 2019 in the 1500.

Ipsen was well ahead of second place Marcelo Acosta, who just finished his collegiate career at the University of Louisville. Acosta was second tonight at 15:20.20.

Third place went to American Zane Grothe (15:26.38), who had the second fastest time by an American in 2018. Grothe was well off his 14:48 best time but will have some time to get down to that before World Championships in July.

Taylor Abbott (15:27.60), who is a well-known Open Water swimmer in the United States, placed fourth ahead of 2017 National Champion True Sweetser (15:34.86).

Luke Johnson (15:48.49), Aryan Makhija (15:48.93) and Christian Bayo (15:54.00) also placed in the top eight.


  1. Anton Ipsen, DEN, 14:57.15
  2. Marcelo Acosta, ESA, 15:20.20
  3. Zane Grothe, USA, 15:26.38
  4. Taylor Abbott, USA, 15:27.60
  5. True Sweetser, USA, 15:34.86
  6. Luke Johnson, USA, 15:48.49
  7. Aryan Makhija, IND, 15:48.93
  8. Christian Bayo, VEN, 15:54.00

Women’s 200 IM

American Madisyn Cox posted her fastest time of the season in the 200 IM on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 2:10.27. Cox was a 2:10.29 in January and currently sits seventh in the world rankings for 2019. Cox will not be swimming at a major meet later this summer after she served a doping suspension last year that ended up being overturned.

Cox was well in front of the American Record holder in yards in Ella Eastin, who just finished her senior year at Stanford. Eastin was second tonight with a 2:11.68. Eastin was second at NCAAs last month in the 200 IM and has now entered the professional world of swimming.

There were four total Stanford swimmers in the A-Final tonight with Katie Ledecky (2:14.45), Katie Drabot (2:14.46) and Brooke Forde (2:14.91) placing third, fourth and fifth behind Eastin in second. Drabot and Eastin will be returning in the fall for their senior and junior years respectively while Eastin and Ledecky will be swimming pro this coming year.

Emily Escobedo (2:15.24), Bethany Galat (2:16.47) and Lauren Barber (2:17.63) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Madisyn Cox, USA, 2:10.27
  2. Ella Eastin, USA, 2:11.68
  3. Katie Ledecky, USA, 2:14.45
  4. Katie Drabot, USA, 2:14.46
  5. Brooke Forde, USA, 2:14.91
  6. Emily Escobedo, USA, 2:15.24
  7. Bethany Galat, USA, 2:16.47
  8. Lauren Barber, USA, 2:17.63

Men’s 200 IM

19-year-old Michael Andrew slammed down a 1:57.49 in the 200 IM on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond to take down the 2017 World Champion in this event in Chase Kalisz (1:59.02). Andrew lowered his best time of 1:59.12 and is now fourth in the world rankings for 2019 and is the fastest American for the year. Andrew will not be swimming the 200 IM at Worlds this summer but would have been the third fastest American in all of 2018.

Andrew has not been on the 200 IM scene in a couple years and has not done it at the national level since the 2018 TYR Pro Swim Series in Atlanta in March. Andrew has now put his name in contention for the Olympic Team next summer if he decides to do the 200 IM. He scratched out of the A-Final in the 2016 Trials to focus on the semi-finals of the 50 free and 100 fly. With a 1:57, Andrew’s outlook on the 200 IM could change drastically moving forward to the 2020 Olympic Trials.

Kalisz was slightly off his 1:57 season best from the Knoxville Pro Swim Series in January. He will represent the United States in this event at Worlds.

Josh Prenot (2:00.70) and Caeleb Dressel (2:01.72) were well off the pace in third and fourth place.

International swimmers Norbert Szabo (2:01.75), Tom Peribonio (2:02.35), Daniel Sos (2:03.48) and Zachary Tan (2:03.64) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Michael Andrew, USA, 1:57.49
  2. Chase Kalisz, USA, 1:59.02
  3. Josh Prenot, USA, 2:00.70
  4. Caeleb Dressel, USA, 2:01.72
  5. Norbert Szabo, HUN, 2:01.75
  6. Tom Peribonio, ECU, 2:02.35
  7. Daniel Sos, HUN, 2:03.48
  8. Zachary Tan, SGP, 2:03.64

Women’s 200 Back

2018 World Short Course Champion Lisa Bratton put up the top time in the 200 back final on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 2:09.24 to sit just outside the top eight in the world this year. Bratton will represent Team USA at the World University Games this summer in the 200 back and is the fourth fastest American this year.

Bratton held off Hali Flickinger in the final as the versatile Georgia Bulldog was second at 2:10.12. Top seed Sonnele Oeztuerk (2:10.74) was third tonight, finishing a little slower than her 2:10.56 this morning.

High school senior Katharine Berkoff (2:11.63) finished fourth as she will be swimming at NC State in the fall. She was off her best time of 2:09.84.

Morgan Liberto (2:14.52), Paige Madden (2:15.33), Monique Rae (2:16.28) and Rose Pouch (2:16.55) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Lisa Bratton, USA, 2:09.24
  2. Hali Flickinger, USA, 2:10.12
  3. Sonnele Oeztuerk, GER, 2:10.74
  4. Katharine Berkoff, USA, 2:11.63
  5. Morgan Liberto, USA, 2:14.52
  6. Paige Madden, USA, 2:15.33
  7. Monique Rae, USA, 2:16.28
  8. Rose Pouch, USA, 2:16.55

Men’s 200 Back

Former Cal teammates Ryan Murphy and Jacob Pebley had another great race together on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with Murphy digging deep to take down his former training partner with a 1:57.23. Pebley was second at 1:57.61 after leading through 150 meters.

Murphy came home in a 29.41 on the final 50 to Pebley’s 30.76 as both were slower than their season best times. Murphy was a 1:56.16 in Knoxville while Pebley was a 1:57.12 in Des Moines.

Those two guys were the only ones under 2:00 in the final as former NC State swimmer Hennessey Stuart (2:01.07) was third and 14-year-old Josh Zuchowski (2:02.12) was fourth. Zuchowski holds the NAG record at 2:00.97 and broke Michael Andrew’s NAG record in the 100 last night.

Nikos Sofianidis (2:02.62), Dominick Wallace (2:02.75), Samuel Tornqvist (2:02.97) and Billy Cadigan (2:04.14) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Ryan Murphy, USA, 1:57.23
  2. Jacob Pebley, USA, 1:57.61
  3. Hennessey Stuart, USA, 2:01.07
  4. Josh Zuchowski, USA, 2:02.12
  5. Nikos Sofianidis, GRE, 2:02.62
  6. Dominick Wallace, USA, 2:02.75
  7. Samuel Tornqvist, USA, 2:02.97
  8. Billy Cadigan, USA, 2:04.14

Women’s 50 Breast

Jamaica native Alia Atkinson, who trains in south Florida, won the 50 breast final on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 30.58, which is the fourth fastest time in the world this year. Atkinson had a great start and won the final over Molly Hannis (30.77), who has the top time in the world this year with her 30.42 from this morning.

Third place went to Sophie Hansson (30.95), who just finished her freshman season at NC State.

The rest of the field was stacked with five total Olympians in the final. American Olympians Breeja Larson (31.38) and Katie Meili (31.46) finished in fifth and sixth. Rising star Annie Lazor (31.14) was fourth.

Rachel Bernhardt (31.75) and Peyton Kondis (31.97) also swam in the final.


  1. Alia Atkinson, JAM, 30.58
  2. Molly Hannis, USA, 30.77
  3. Sophie Hansson, SWE, 30.95
  4. Annie Lazor, USA, 31.14
  5. Breeja Larson, USA, 31.38
  6. Katie Meili, USA, 31.46
  7. Rachel Bernhardt, USA, 31.75
  8. Peyton Kondis, USA, 31.97

Men’s 50 Breast

Michael Andrew won his second event of the night on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 27.41 in the 50 breast. After having a huge 200 IM earlier in the night, Andrew returned to his bread and butter, the 50’s. Andrew finished ahead of some well-known names in American Record holder Kevin Cordes (27.60) and superstar Caeleb Dressel (27.99).

Andrew was a 27.1 in Des Moines and has a 26.8 best time. Andrew will be swimming the 50 breast at World Championships this summer.

South Carolina’s Itay Goldfaden (27.87) was third in the final tonight ahead of Dressel and American Chuck Katis (28.03).

Another South Carolina Gamecock Nils Wich-Glasen (28.09) was sixth in the final. Internet superstar Cody Miller (28.18) finished seventh while Youssef El-Kamash (28.31) was eighth.


  1. Michael Andrew, USA, 27.41
  2. Kevin Cordes, USA, 27.60
  3. Itay Goldfaden, ISR, 27.87
  4. Caeleb Dressel, USA, 27.99
  5. Chuck Katis, USA, 28.03
  6. Nils Wich-Glasen, GER, 28.09
  7. Cody Miller, USA, 28.18
  8. Youssef El-Kamash, EGY, 28.31

Women’s 100 Free

About 24 hours after being upset in the 50 free, Olympic gold medalist Simone Manuel returned in the 100 free on Saturday night at the TYR Pro Swim Series in Richmond with a 53.74 to take down Olivia Smoliga (54.65), who beat her in the 50 on Friday. Smoliga has had a great meet this week in Richmond and was just off her 54.21 best time. Both Manuel and Smoliga will be swimming at the World Championships this summer but Smoliga will not be in the free relay.

Margo Geer will be on the 4×100 free relay at Gwangju this summer and she was third tonight with a 55.19. Natalie Hinds, who is still rather early in her comeback to swimming, was fourth at 55.35, just off her 55.14 best time.

Former USC swimmers Kasia Wilk (55.46) and Anika Apostalon (56.12) were fifth and seventh while American superstar Katie Ledecky (55.69) was sixth. Isabella Arcila (56.50) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Simone Manuel, USA, 53.74
  2. Olivia Smoliga, USA, 54.65
  3. Margo Geer, USA, 55.19
  4. Natalie Hinds, USA, 55.35
  5. Kasia Wilk, POL, 55.46
  6. Katie Ledecky, USA, 55.69
  7. Anika Apostalon, CZE, 56.12
  8. Isabella Arcila, COL, 56.50

Men’s 100 Free

2016 Olympian Ryan Held closed the 2019 TYR Pro Swim Series at Richmond with a 48.70 in the 100 free, which is not far off his 48.26 best time at the 2016 Olympic Trials. Held was a 48.65 last summer at US Nationals in July and is only 0.05 off tonight. That is a good swim for Held will not represent Team USA at a major event this summer.

Held finished just ahead of Texas senior Tate Jackson (48.76), who will represent Team USA at the World University Games this summer. Michael Chadwick (48.83) was third as he will be going to World Championships for the 4×100 free relay.

Suriname’s Renzo Tjon A Joe (49.38) was fourth in the final just ahead of Jack Conger (49.45), who recently started training at the University of Virginia.

Andrej Barna (49.75), Bartosz Piszczorowicz (50.08) and Pawel Sendyk (50.24) also swam in the A-Final.


  1. Ryan Held, USA, 48.70
  2. Tate Jackson, USA, 48.76
  3. Michael Chadwick, USA, 48.83
  4. Renzo Tjon-A-Joe, SUR, 49.38
  5. Jack Conger, USA, 49.45
  6. Andrej Barna, SRB, 49.75
  7. Bartosz Piszczorowicz, POL, 50.08
  8. Pawel Sendyk, POL, 50.24

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