2019 Speedo Sectionals Rochester Night 3 Recap: Scottsdale Women, Glenbrook Men Hold Leads

Photo Courtesy: Donna Nelson

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By Ryan Gibbons, Swimming World College Intern.

The third day of competition of the 2019 Central Zone Section 1 Championships (Spring Sectionals) in Rochester, Minn. featured a slate of distance, stroke, and sprint events with the 400 IM, 200 Free, 200 Breast, and 100 Fly. The latest stop in the Speedo Sectionals series has been a key opener in the long course season for participants, as well as a last-chance qualifier for many Spring championship meets in the coming weeks.

Holding their lead from the second night, the Scottsdale Aquatic Club women sit in the lead with 429 points, ahead of Commonwealth’s 280 and Empire’s 225. Scottsdale also leads in the combined competition, with their 650 points leading Glenbrook’s 490 points and Empire’s 459.

The Glenbrook men’s 416 points placed them in the lead, above of Empire at 234 points and Scottsdale at 221 points. Glenbrook’s healthy lead will be difficult to beat with only one day of competition left, while Scottsdale’s combined and women’s leads are similarly substantial, making them likely champions at these 2019 Spring Sectionals.

Women’s 400 IM

Commonwealth’s Eliza Brown took the 400 IM Sectionals title in a 4:58.47, the only finisher under 5:00. Behind her was Rochester Swim Club’s Anna Ogren (5:02.19), and Scottsdale’s Blakely Schuricht (4:06.94).

Also in the Championship Final were LMST’s Hayler Kimmel (5:08.98), EAST’s Kate Amar (5:09.65), Laurel Brown (5:14.29), GSC’s Maria Pritchett (5:16.84), and LFSC’s Mary Grace King (5:18.04).

Men’s 400 IM

Scottsdale’s Daniel Matheson won the men’s IM in a 4:37.93, far ahead of the rest of the pack, to open the men’s evening. Behind him was teammate Marvin Schwickert at a 4:42.02, and CIA’s Andrew Reiter with a 4:42.71.

Also in the top eight were EAST’s Aidan Wilson (4:42.80), BNSC’s Camden Swigart (4:46.55), GSC’s Timothy Hays (4:48.69), FOXJ’s Keegan Duffy (4:49.20), and EAST’s Kevin Crane (4:50.56).

Women’s 200 Free

In her fourth straight freestyle win of the meet, Scottsdale’s Ashley Strouse took the 200 Free with a 2:02.44, complementing her 100, 400, and 800 wins between Thursday and Friday. Also in the top three were Commonwealth’s Natalie Mannion (2:03.04) and cNSAC’s Pyper Doo (2:07.20).

Also in the A Final were t Katie Pardy (2:07.66), PPSC’s Emily Ecker (2:08.35), EISF’s Meghan Susil (2:08.74), BNSC’s Macy Rink (2:09.12), and ASC’s Bryanna Bellile (2:11.61).

Men’s 200 Free

Cameron Kelley took a strong win in the 200 Free, with his 1:53.34 stopping the clock. Behind him was a close race for second, with STRM’s Sean Dwyer taking silver in a 1:54.02, just ahead of GSC’s Ryan Purdy (1:54.23).

Behind them were GSC’s Sami Moussally (1:56.01), FSC’s Christian Hedeen (1:56.95), GSC’s Brendan Forrest (1:58.02), RSC’s Grafton Parlette (1:58.38), and WEST’s Evan Bock (1:59.68).

Women’s 200 Breast

Gillian Davey of CIA touched in at a 2:33.53, taking the win ahead of EAST’s Ava Franks at a 2:37.86, and Scottsdale’s Sadie Edwards at a 2:39.85.

Fourth went to BAC’s Alexandra Anagnostopoulos (2:43.20), followed by WEST’s Sophie Macy (2:43.63), BLA’s Molly Urkiel (2:44.76), CS’s Eliza Brown (2:47.30), and SDVL’s Alyssa Eckstein (2:48.88).

Men’s 200 Breast

Glenbrook’s Max Iida pulled a commanding victory in the 200 Breast, finishing in a 2:17.96. Second went to SPS’s Ben Wiegand (2:25.87), followed by EAST’s John Kelly (2:26.44).

Rounding out the top eight were Zach Affeldt of STRM (2:30.21), Braden Walters of SAC (2:31.45), Jackson Hogue of GSC (2:32.40), Joshue Nepomuceno (2:34.47), and Camden Swigart of BNSC (2:35.60).

Women’s 100 Fly

The women’s night closed with Commonwealth’s Natalie Mannion taking the 100 Fly in a 1:02.59, followed by Rochester’s Anna Ogren in a 1:02.93 and Scottsdale’s Sadie Edwards in a 1:03.42.

Closing out the last women’s final were also Genevieve Youngman of CS (1:03.79), Claire Reinke of HURR (1:04.78), Gabriella Werner of SDVL (1:05.57), Isabella Wylie of SAC (1:05.96), and Emma Pritchett of GSC (1:06.84).

Men’s 100 Fly

Garrett Clasen took the last men’s win of the evening, winning a narrow race against Glenbrook’s Jacob Shapiro in 56.77 and 56.97, respectfully. Taking third was EAST’s Jonathan Ma, in a 57.49.

Rounding out the Championship Final were also GSC’s Quinn Loughran (57.55), ICE’s James Pinter (58.36), WEST’s Evan Bock (58.37), SAC’s Parker Hughes (58.97), and GSC’s Max Iida (1:00.30).

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