2019 Speedo Sectionals Christianburg Night 3 Recap: NCAP Dominate

Nation's Capital Swim Club

By Ryan Gibbons, Swimming World College Intern.

Night 3 of the 2019 EZSS Christianburg Speedo Sectionals featured a wide range of events, including the 200 Fly, 50 Free, 200 Breast, and 400 IM.

National’s Capital (NCAP) dominated all three competitions, with a combined 929 points leading Delaware Swim Team (440 points) and Monocacy Aquatic Club (380 points). Also in the top five were 757 Swim with 356 points, and Machine Aquatics with 337.5 points – putting NCAP in a commanding lead for the final day, but leaving a strong competition for second and third place behind them.

NCAP’s 534 points led the men’s meet, followed by Enfinity Aquatic Club (250 points) and Monocacy Aquatic Club (189 points). Behind them were Machine Aquatics (184.5 points) and Lancaster Aquatic Club (158.5 points).

NCAP also held a lead in the women’s pool, with 395 points, ahead of Delaware’s 306 points and 757 Swim’s 220 points. Monocacy (191 points) and Team Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics (190 points) were close behind.

Women’s 200 Fly

LBA’s Ellen Brooks took the first win of the evening with a 2:01.54, just barely ahead of MACH’s Sarah Boylein a 2:01.64. Close behind to close out the top three was Isabella Paoletti of DST with a 2:01.81.

Also in the A Final were NCAP’s Jillian Johnson (2:02.04), DST’s Catherine Weaverling (2:03.74), MAC’s Rachel McCoy (2:04.41), PRA’s Brittney Carmazzi (2:04.48), and PEAQ’s Ella Ogden (2:04.63).

Men’s 200 Fly

EAC’s Preston Forst took a 1:43.53 win in the men’s first event of the evening, with Noah Fields of 757 (1:51.81) and Alan Yu of DRAG (1:52.30) behind him.

Closing out the top eight were also 757’s Samuel Long (1:52.88), HD’s Drew Scheib (1:53.22), SVSC’s Owen Blazer (1:53.24), MACH’s Ian McCullough (1:53.38), and LAC’s Nicholas Lynam (1:53.79).

Women’s 50 Free

Camille Spink of NCAP won the women’s sprint in a 23.00, ahead of teammate Sheridan Phalen (23.59) and LAC’s Emma Steckiel (23.62).

Behind them were EST’s Danielle Ghine (23.76), ACAC’s Abigail Fuller (23.87), NCAP’s Madison Kim (23.90), MACH’s Jordan Buechler (23.91), and EAC’s Emily Ally (23.98).

Men’s 50 Free

PRVT’s Chun-Feng Wu (19.88) took a commanding win, followed by HOKI’s Lucas Bureau (20.16) and Graham Hertweck (20.68).

Also in the Championship Final were EAC’s Thomas Hamlet (21.04), ASC’s Joe Hayburn (21.23), NCAP’s Jacob Lindner (21.27), 757’s Austin Smith (21.30), and NCAP’s Hayes Goetcheus (21.36).

Women’s 200 Breast

DST’s Rabea Pfaff took the title in a 2:15.65, with her commanding lead touching in ahead of AAC’s Catherine Hughes (2:17.17) and SNOW’s Shelby Gerving (2:19.21).

Behind them were MOON’s Leah Baker (2:21.42), NCAP’s Camille Spink (2:21.66), FAST’s Sophia Routzahn (2:21.88), MAC’s Erin Lillis (2:22.74), and 757’s Jenna Thompson (2:23.64).

Men’s 200 Breast

Ryan Pirrung of DST took a commanding victory with a 2:00.75, ahead of NCAP’s Dylan Danaie (2:03.66) and NCAP’s Jakob Frick (2:06.46).

Rounding out the A-Final were also BVSC’s Robert Spekis (2:06.88), MAS’s Luke Isayiw (2:07.08), NCAP’s Daniel Nagard (2:08.00), NCAP’s Nicholas Maranto (2:11.27), and FSC’s Matthew Thompson (2:12.26).

Women’s 400 IM

In the final event of the women’s evening, 757’s Colby Hurt touched in at a dominating 4:15.17, ahead of DST’s Rabea Pfaff (2:24.85) and NCAP’s Jordan Durocher (4:26.59).

Closing out the final were also SNOW’s Janika Perezous (4:28.02), DST’s Catherine Weaverling (4:28.61), CAC’s Madeline Frick (4:28.69), WAC’s Kira Agne (4:30.08), and DST’s Emma Menzer (4:30.41).

Men’s 400 IM

In his second win of the night, EAC’s Preston Forst took a 3:53.02 win, ahead of LAC’s Nicholas Lynam (4:00.79) and DST’s Ryan Pirrung (4:02.22).

In the last Championship heat of the night were also NCAP’s Michael Jiang (4:06.89), NCAP’s Zachary Rowe (4:09.90), LAC’s Kyle Emmerling tying with MACH’s John Gibson (4:12.09), and CAC’s Ethan Williams (4:12.50).

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    What about the Women’s 1000 free race? 1st and 2nd came down to 1\100th of a second.